Thursday, May 12, 2011

Shifting Sand Land - Stand Tall on the Four Pillars

For this mission, we have to stand on top of each of the four pillars surrounding the pyramid. On my first try, I landed on two, but fell in the quicksand.
Take 2- To reach all of the pillars, we need the Wing Cap. Three of them can be reached by walking, but the fourth is in the instant-death quicksand in the Tox Box maze. We only need to stand on each pillar briefly before going to the next one. After we've stood on all four, the top of the pyramid spins off and explodes. We hear the chime. We walked up the path around the pyramid to the top, but you can use the Wing Cap to fly there. There is a hole in the top, so we go in.
We land in a cage that lowers to a red brick area in the center of the pyramid. We could see this cage when we got the Star from Inside the Ancient Pyramid. Do not jump out of the cage because there is no way to access the brick without it. Inside the red brick is a hole. If we walk slowly and stare down the hole, we can see the area within. It looks like a temple surrounded by an abyss. We go down to the temple area and step on the stairs. They shake and move, revealing that they are the stone hands called Eyerock. They say "Who... walk... here? Who... break... seal? Wake... ancient... ones? We no like light... Rrrrummbbble... We no like... intruders! Now battle... ...hand... ...hand!" Eyerock moves and the battle music starts. In the lower part of the palm is an eye, which is its weak point. We have to punch the eye when it is open. Which eye is open will alternate. After a while, the hands will try to pound you or slide you off the altar. They knocked me off, after getting in several hits.
Take 3- We land back in the descending cage. We awaken Eyerock again and hit each eye three times. Eyerock says "Grrrrumbbble! What... happen? We... crushed like pebble. You so strong! You rule ancient pyramid! For today... Now, take Star of Power. We.. sleep... darkness."
The Star appears on the stone. The Hazy Maze Cave music plays.
Star Get #64, 0 Coins, 5 Lives

Nintendo DS
We land in Shifting Sand Land and triple-jump onto the stone pavilion to get the Power Flower with the Wing Cap. We landed on all four pillars with ease and watched the top spin off. By that time, the Wing Cap ran out. Unfortunately, the cyclone picked us up and dropped us off on the side of the pyramid, so we slid into the instant-death quicksand.
Take 2- We stood on all four pillars and had enough power in the Wing Cap to fly to the top of the pyramid. We fell into the hole and onto the descending cage. There was a brick in the red brick that we broke for a chime. We can still see the altar below. We step on the stairs, which reveal themselves to be Eyerock. They give the same speech as in the N64 (with fewer ellipses). They still alternate with eye is open. We took out the right hand first, then the left before it could push us off the altar. Eyerock gives the same speech after both hands explode. The Star appears on the stone. The Hazy Maze Cave music plays.
Star Get #71, 4 Coins, 3 Lives
The next Star is Free Flying for 8 Red Coins.

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