Sunday, May 13, 2012

New Super Mario Bros.: 2- Fort

This fortress is somewhat maze-like. There are several ferris wheel-like platforms to navigate in the first area. Towards the right is a Red Coin Ring. Below that, on the floor, is the first Star Coin. To progress, we need to go up and climb hand-over-hand on a tightrope to the left. We go up and wall jump to a door. Through the door is a yellow, striped upside-down U-shaped device. What we need to do is wall jump in it as it moves. It will come back down after a while if you fall. It will take us to another one like it and that will take us to the second Star Coin and another door. This door leads to a room with rotating red shapes. You may spend a lot of time here, so don't be afraid to go to the boss room and come back later. The red blocks make more red shapes appear. You'll need to hit them to make shapes appear so you can reach the red pipe overhead to the boss door. We wall jump up the side of the pipe to reach the red block so we can reach the third Star Coin. It makes a triangle and a rectangle appear. The red pipe will take us to the boss door. We stand on a platform over quicksand. Bowser Jr. is not wearing his mask, so we can stomp him. I decide to use fireballs. After we defeat him, Bowser Jr. carries Peach off to the castle. Let's follow him!

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