Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Super Mario Bros.: 4-1

World 4 is a forest world, with lots of purple water to avoid. 4-1 is no different. We have to stay out of the purple water while avoiding spiders dangling over the gap. When there are two spiders dangling over the purple water, bounce off both of them and jump high to reach the first Star Coin. Just past the midpoint is Dorrie, the dinosaur we met in Super Mario 64. She can survive in the purple water and ferry us across it. We'll have to either duck under some platforms or go over them to avoid being knocked off. You'll find the second Star Coin over the second spider over here. To get it, jump from the blocks. The Dorrie eventually stops, and we continue on foot. There are donut lifts and more spiders. The third Star Coin is near the end, so we go under the lower set of blocks to reach it. Just before the flagpole is another dangling spider.

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