Saturday, November 17, 2012

Paper Mario: Sticker Star -- 3-1 Leaflitter Path

We return to Decalburg to find it in the midst of attempting a Sticker Fest revival. In the blue house, the Toad is gone, but there's a headline saying a mysterious green guy was spotted in the Drybake Stadium. Theories include he was entranced by a solo from a Sombrero Guy or that he was taking an epic nap. Well, we'll just have to keep an eye out for Luigi. There's another picture in the red house about the desert. It looks like this is Mario and Luigi's house, as the journal entries mirror Mario's adventures. Let's continue!

This area is more of a forest. Now, if we hit a Goomba with our hammer, it is instantly defeated and turns into a coin. Once we move past the trees, things get very quiet. There's a Snifit wandering around. The next area has some quiet music and someone's snoring. There's a giant Wiggler ahead, fast asleep. Looks like we'll need something loud to wake him up. We can put a Thing sticker near him. My guess is the Jackhammer, but that isn't it. The Trumpet's sticker is too small.

I got back to the Goomba Fortress to get another Trumpet anyway and see Luigi. We peel him off and he runs away again. What's he up to? Back in Decalburg, there's a new story about him being at Goomba Fortress. Goomba eyewitnesses reported that he looked very weak and cowardly.

I go back to Leaflitter Path and use the Trumpet and it works. Even after we wake him up, Wiggler is cheerful and enthusiastic, saying something great's going to happen today. Kersti asks why Wiggler was sleeping outside instead of his home. Wiggler says he ate too many leaves and got sleepy. He says the forest has been covered in icky, goopy poison, so the leaves he normally eats were no longer edible. He found clean leaves at the entrance to the forest. We're going to help out, as this is likely the work of Bowser. Wiggler will take us to his house so we can talk. It is once again quiet.

In the next area, we find Wiggler. Something moves over his head and out of sight. It then gets dark. Wiggler's happy to see us because he's always alone. The darkness is caused by the poison so we should watch our step. The thing that moved out of sight returns and takes Wiggler away. There are patches of poison everywhere, so don't fall in. There are also Ninji in the area. They're pretty good at dodging attacks and sometimes drop Throwing Star stickers.

In the next area is a large pool of poison. Wait for a log floating in the poison to spin around so you can reach it. Transfer to another log and it will take you to the other side. There's a door drawn on the tree in the back. The Secret Door leads to the Searchlight. Also in this area are Paint Guys. They'll splash paint on the screen if you don't repeatedly push them away. Hop across the spinning log to reach the other side. In the next area, there are Boomerang Bros in the background. On the othe side of the first poison pool, there is a Heart Block and a Save Block. Once we reach the other side of the poison, the Boomerang Bros appear. They're both going to battle us. They each have 24 HP. The boomerangs they throw will hit you twice, so guard twice. They'll drop two Boomerang stickers. Just ahead is the comet piece.

Return once the poison clears to find an HP-Up Heart in front of the comet piece.

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