Monday, June 1, 2015

Nintendo Direct Micro 6/1/15

Nintendo has released a shorter Direct today. Here's what they had to say.

Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash- This is a new game in development. It's a side-scrolling platforming game, where Chibi-Robo can use his plug and cord as a whip to defeat enemies and reach platforms. The whip attack can be charged up as a Zip Lash to destroy large blocks. Grab Boost Balls to extend the reach of the whip. Aim the whip at certain angles to make it bounce off walls. There will be a Chibi-Robo amiibo that will only come as part of a bundle. Tap the amiibo to make Chibi-Robo turn into Super Chibi-Robo, with improved speed and whip reach. At the end of a stage, the score can be saved to the amiibo to level it up and acquire new items. -3DS October

Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure- Play as Dr. Mario or Dr. Luigi to match four viruses and capsules of the same color to clear them. This time, there's a Miracle Cure that appears when you fill a gauge on the side. The Miracle Cure can do one of many actions: clear all capsules and viruses of the same color, clear an entire column, or eradicate surrounding capsules and viruses. There are new medicines to interrupt your opponent in multiplayer mode. They can speed up drop rate, reverse controls, or prevent capsule rotation. All Miracle Cures can be turned off. There will be global internet multiplayer, as well as local multiplayer, including download play. You can also cooperate in Virus Buster mode to destroy viruses. -3DS 3Shop June 11

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon- Become a Pokémon and be transported into a world with only Pokémon. Make new friends as you embark on an adventure to save the world. Choose from over 20 Pokémon to start as. All other Pokémon, including legendaries, will be there. -3DS Winter 2015

Mario & Sonic at the Rio Olympic Games- The next Summer Olympics will take place in Rio, Brazil. The games you can play include soccer. This game is for both the Wii U and the 3DS and will have some version-exclusive games. The Wii U game has Rugby, a sport new to the Olympics. The 3DS game has Golf, which is making a reappearance after over 100 years.

Splatoon- A new weapon has been added to the game. The N-Zap 85 is low-powered rapid-fire shooter that quickly recharges the Echolocator special weapon. It also includes Splat Bombs. A new free map, Port Mackerel, will be available at 7 pm Pacific Time today. Also available today at 7 pm, Ranked Battles will go live. Enough people reached level 10 over the weekend to unlock it.

Art Academy: Home Studio- This expansion pack will include new lessons, 3D landscapes to draw, and the ability to upload time-lapse video to YouTube. -WiiU eShop June 25

Project Treasure now has a debut gameplay trailer on Nintendo's YouTube channel.

The Nintendo World Championships 2015 will begin June 14 at 3 pm Pacific Time.

Little Battlers Experience- The popular anime and action figures get a new game on the 3DS. Customize your LBX and battle with up to five other players via local wireless. -3DS August 21

Puzzle and Dragons- In the Super Mario Edition, after you clear the 8 worlds, another 8 will unlock. You can also unlock new characters, such as Peach, Rosalina, Bower, Bowser Jr., and the Koopalings.  Puzzle and Dragons Z will get weekly distributions. You can reach new dungeons to get new monsters, starting now. There's also a second continent to unlock.

Bravely Second: End Layer- Return as a new protagonist and catch up with characters from the first game. Anya has been kidnapped and Yu, the protagonist, must save her. Join up with other characters in some deep battle gameplay. -3DS 2016

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