Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Nintendo E3 Digital Event 6/16/15

It's E3 and time for Nintendo to show off what's coming up.

Star Fox: Zero- This is a new Star Fox game. You can aim using the gyroscope controls on the GamePad, which features the view from the cockpit. Your vehicles can fly and move on land. It features plane-flying controls, so pushing down on the Control Stick will move the plane up and vice versa. There are multiple vehicles you can use.

Super Mario Maker- Build your own Mario levels to share globally. You can stack enemies and place enemies underwater. Tap an Amiibo and when you get a Mystery Mushroom, Mario will turn into the character. There's also an 8-bit Mario Amiibo. - Wii U September 11, 2015

Skylanders: Super Chargers- This game will feature vehicles as well as characters. Donkey Kong and Bowser will be playable. They will work with Skylander Portals and also work as Amiibo.

The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes- This is a top-down Zelda game where you can join with up to  two friends to clear challenges and puzzles. Your outfit determines what abilities you can use, such as the Spin Attack and using Bombs. The three of you can form a three-man totem by picking each other up. You can play multiplayer online. - Fall 2015 3DS

Hyrule Warriors Legends- This is a reimagining of the Wii U with all of the DLC characters plus characters from Wind Waker. -3DS Q1 2016

Metroid Prime: Federation Force- Play with up to three other players in space battles. Blast Ball will allow for 3 vs. 3 space sports combat.

Fire Emblem: Fates- This is the new Fire Emblem game previously announced. 3DS 2016

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem- Chrom will be a playable character. Characters can switch between normal and Mirage forms. - 2016

Xenoblade Chronicles X- Mankind flees Earth to a new planet and must survive its harsh environment, as well as attacks from aliens. - Wii U December 4, 2015

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer- Work for Tom Nook and Nook's homes to take requests to decorate other villager's homes. Scan in card of villagers to bring them into the game. September 25, 2015

Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival- This is an Animal Crossing Party game for the Wii U. Use Animal Crossing Amiibo as play pieces. - Wii U Holiday 2015

Yoshi's Wooly World- This game will have plush Amiibo Yoshi. Unravel and knit platforms. When an enemy is swallowed, it turns into a ball of yarn instead of an egg. How you play determines the challenge. You can also play cooperatively or competitively with friends. Use other Amiibo to turn Yoshi into a themed Yoshi, such as a Mario or Samus-themed Yoshi. Poochie will also be in the game. - Wii U October 16, 2015

Yokai Watch- Find Yo-kai, monsters that are hiding around town. Battle the evil ones with the ones you befriend.- 3DS Holiday 2015

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam- This combines the Mario and Luigi games with Paper Mario, so there are two Marios and two Luigis, as well as doubles of other characters. They will team up for powerful attacks. -Spring 2016 3DS

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash- The Mega Mushroom can power up players by increasing their size and strength. - Wii U Holiday 2015

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