Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam -- When Bowsers Combine

The bros have dealt with an onslaught of minions, including the Koopalings. There's nothing standing between them and the Bowsers. Step on the platform with the green Bowser emblem to make it move. Lightning crackles. When the bros arrive, Paper Bowser says they'll have to do this themselves. Bowser finds their stubbornness annoying, but it gave them time to come up with a plan. He pulls out the book. Paper Bowser says they're going to beat them, then trap them in the book, throw the book in the garbage, and light the garbage on fire. Bowser says the Mushroom Kingdom will be his as he tosses the book behind him. Paper Bowser looks at it, saying the kingdom will be theirs. Bowser sticks to his original statement. They'll have to settle that debate after dealing with the Marios, that yellow thing, and that green guy. Starlow questions their confidence going up against two Marios and a green guy, Luigi. Bowser says they're two Bowsers.

The Bowsers will breathe fire at the bros. Jump to dodge. Paper Bowser can fold himself into his shell and Bowser can hide in his shell. They won't take damage like this. They'll also hold a stack of spike balls and toss them at the bros. Counter with the hammer. Some of the spike balls will miss entirely, but there's one that will appear a little later than the rest. After a while, the Bowsers say the warm-up is over.

Paper Bowser sparkles and absorbs all of the paper minions. Bowser joins them and what results is Bowser in sparkly Paper Bowser armor. This is Shiny RoboBowser. He'll attack the bros with his fists repeatedly, then breathe fire at Paper Mario. Jump to dodge. He'll also fire blasts of energy and fire. Counter with the hammer. He can also grow wheels and chase the bros. Jump over the ground based enemies and fire. If you can dodge the Chain Chomp, the attack will end and he'll take damage. Don't use Trio Attacks while he has a helmet or he'll use his version of a Trio Attack. Press the bros' button to dodge his flames. He'll try to fake you out, so be careful. As he takes damage, armor falls off. He can also summon shiny paper minions. Destroy them or they'll heal him. After enough armor falls off, he'll try to jump on a bro. Have all bros counter with the hammer. As with all other boss fights, just leave the fighting to Paper Mario if you're having difficulty keeping all three bros alive. After a while, he'll reform his armor and heal himself, which means some of his attacks will last longer. He'll turn his arms' armor into wings and chase the bros. Use the Airplane Dodge. When he gets angry, he'll use his version of a Trio Attack. Keep hitting Bowser when he's not wearing his helmet to defeat him. His paper armor falls apart and he explodes. Paper Bowser lands on the platform, but Bowser falls off towards Mount Brrr.

Paper Bowser says this isn't over. He crawls toward the book, to protect it. Paper Mario picks it up and opens it, which absorbs Paper Bowser. He resists, saying he doesn't want to go back. The Mushroom Kingdom was going to be his. The bros team up to close the book as Paper Bowser proclaims that they'll pay for this. The book hops, so the bros try to hold it down. It eventually stops.

Back at Peach's Castle, the princesses call to Mario, leaving Luigi out. They're happy the bros are safe. They kiss their respective Mario on the cheek, then both kiss Luigi on the cheek. They thank the bros for everything they've done. Peach can't imagine dealing with two Bowsers all the time. She especially thanks Paper Mario, because the bros couldn't have done it without him, which is very true. Toadette walks in, telling everyone to follow here, because something is ready. She and the Toads have been working on something. It's a victory parade.

Fireworks go off in the sky as the credits roll. Mario and Paper Mario are on a new Papercraft Mario. Luigi and Starlow are on Papercraft Luigi. Toadette rides in on Papercraft Yoshi, while the Lakitus take notes. The princesses are on Papercraft Peach, while some Lakitus toss confetti. The parade heads to the Doop Doop Dunes, where there's a Papercraft Goomba. Papercraft Mario defeats it and uses the book to absorb the Paper Goombas. Nabbit runs by and Papercraft Megacrinkle Goomba appears. It takes more effort, but the papercrafts defeat it. Next, they go to Twinsy Tropics, where Lakitus stream colorful clouds and a Toad with a bag cheers them on. The papercrafts defeat a Papercraft Spike and absorb the Paper Shy Guys, while Yoshi chases Nabbit, who has a melon. The parade continues to Gloomy Woods, where a Papercraft Boo is defeated. Paper Shy Guys get absorbed. Fly Guys want to challenge the bros, but Flutter chases them off. Papercraft King Boo is also defeated. The parade moves to Mount Brrr, where Nabbit, chased by many Yoshis, trips and drops the melon. The Yoshis rejoice. Papercraft Bowser Jr. appears, then leaves, then Papercraft Kamek appears. For some reason, the parade goes into Bowser's Castle. Bullies and Broozers try to attack, but the papercrafts easily defeat them. Papercraft Bowser Jr. appears and is easily defeated. Airships carry Papercraft Bowser in the background, then challenges the bros. It takes a few hits, but soon falls. The parade concludes at Peach's Castle. The Papercrafts are tossed in the air as a celebration.

Inside the castle, the Paper Toads jump into the book. Starlow says all Paper Toads and minions are in the book. The princesses are sad they have to part. Paper Peach needs to return before Paper Bowser inevitably starts causing trouble. Starlow thinks she and Paper Mario can handle it. Luigi opens the book for Paper Peach. Peach says the adventure was crazy, but fun and wants to hang out again. She hugs her, saying "Thank you". The Toads say she should visit again. Paper Peach thanks everyone, saying she'll miss the bros. She jumps in the book and Starlow says it's Paper Mario's turn. He shakes Mario's hand, but the book shakes. A Paper Toad wonders what Bowser has done. Peach says duty calls. Paper Mario jumps in the book and it closes. Peach says she'll miss them. Starlow can't believe they're gone. The castle starts shaking and a Toad calls for assistance. Peach sends the bros off. A Toad says it's Bowser again.

We're shown our records page.
Rate of Excellent Actions- 70% (Great)
Dodge Success Rate- 54% (Good)
Expert Challenges Finished- 38% (OK)
Battle Cards Collected- 20% (OK)
Paper Toads Rescued- 100% (Excellent)
Block Recovery Rate- 87% (Excellent)
Item Patches Drilled- 56% (Good)
Beans Recovered- 56% (Good)

By completing the game, you unlock the music player. The game saves.

This concludes Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam. I had a great time playing the game and I hope you enjoyed reading about it. The game introduced some new ways to deal with the challenges the bros would normally solve with Bros. Moves. The game was much more challenging than previous games, as you have to dodge and counter with three bros instead of two. I found that during boss battles, just letting Paper Mario do all the work, then reviving the bros at the end worked best, but made battles drag on. Paper Mario has the potential to do more solo damage than the bros, and can more easily dodge, and with multiple copies, counter enemy attacks. What the game never answered is what happened to Paper Luigi... Well, I'm back on hiatus until the next new game.

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