Thursday, March 3, 2016

Nintendo Direct -- 3/3/2016

Today, there was a new Nintendo Direct. Here's what they had to say.

Star Fox Zero- There are teleporters you can use in the game. Fortuna is a new map with bioweapons and giant enemies. Many maps have branched paths that lead to new areas and bosses. Star Wolf will also appear in the game. There is a co-op mode where one player steers and another player fires weapons. The Star Fox Amiibo is compatible with this game to let you play with the classic Arwing from the NES game. Wii U April 22

Star Fox Guard- Slippy's uncle Grippy is mining rare metals, so Slippy has developed a security system to ward off enemies. Use the cameras to spot enemies to defeat. You can set up enemy placements for other players to play online to earn metals. Wii U April 22, bundled with Star Fox Zero

Splatoon- An update contains improvements to certain gear abilities and matchmaking. This update will be available March 8. A second update contains weapon sets. This update will be in April.

Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games- Boxing, rugby, and archery will be some of the games featured, as well, as rhythmic gymnastics. The Koopalings, Nabbit, and Rosalina will be playable. Wii U June 24, 3DS March 18

Super Mario Maker- A new update allows you to shake Thwomps to make skewers, P-Switches into keys, and doors into key doors. Shake a coin to make a pink coin. You'll need to collect all of them to make a key appear. A new mode, Super Expert Mode, will be available for the 100-Mario Challenge. You must clear Expert Mode to unlock it. Clearing it will unlock new costumes. Update available March 9

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE- Formerly Shin Megami Tensei X FE, it will feature the Japanese voice track with English subtitles. Wii U June 24

Lost Reavers- It's a free-to-play online game where you team up with others to fight zombies, solve puzzles, and collect treasure. You'll need to make your way back to clear the mission and collect your share of the spoils. You'll also level up, increase your skills, and get money for weapons. An open beta will be available April 14, while the full game will launch on the Wii U April 28.

Paper Mario: Color Splash- Prism Island is being drained of all its color. Paper Mario uses his paint hammer to restore color to the world and Toads. Paint cards and flick them to start battles. Special cards, such as the Fan, unleash powerful attacks. Wii U 2016

Pokken Tournament- Start at the bottom tier, then rank up to more challenging opponents. Some Pokémon are fast or powerful. Use support Pokémon to help you along. Win in-game currency to change your avatar's appearance. An Amiibo card of Shadow Mewtwo will be available in the first run of physical copies. Wii U March 18

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD- Wii U March 4

My Nintendo- The new loyalty program rewards you for interacting with Nintendo products. You can sign up for Miitomo and a Nintendo Account now.

Mini Mario and Friends: Amiibo Challenge-  Scan compatible Amiibo to guide them through stages only they can access. Each Mini has their own powers and abilities. This will be a free download for Wii U and 3DS on April 28, but you can get it early by purchasing an Amiibo from Gamestop, Best Buy, or on March 25.

Series 4 of Animal Crossing Amiibo cards will be available soon. Isabella will be available as two Amiibo, wearing her summer outfit in one. June 10

Virtual Console- SNES games will available in their original resolution on New 3DS today.

Pocket Card Jockey- Play fast-paced games of solitaire to boost your horse in races. Level up your horses, then retire them and pair them to give breed new horses. 3DS May 2016

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2- Copen is now a playable character and can copy bosses' abilities. The original will be available at a discount March 2 to June 1. 3DS Summer 2016

Fire Emblem Fates: Revelations- Refuse to choose a side and you can get new maps and a new storyline. The rival kingdoms will fight to save an alternate world Corrin. March 10

Hyrule Warriors: Legends- Buy a season pass to get 4 new DLC bonus packs. It will also get you a new costume for Ganon. Buy a physical copy to get a download code to get the new characters on the Wii U version. Medli, from Wind Waker, is now playable. 3DS March 25

Disney Art Academy- Learn how to draw Disney and Pixar characters. 3DS May 13

Bravely Second: End Layer- There are new job classes. Wizard allows you to customize spells and allows you to combine with the skills of other classes. The Catmancer learns the moves of opponents and trains cats to perform them for treats. A demo will be available March 10. Best Buy Gamers Club members will receive the demo early on March 7. The Bravely Default demo is still available on the eShop. The collector's edition comes with the soundtrack and art book. 3DS April 15

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past - The world has been rebuilt and the game retranslated. Assemble fragments of stone tablets to warp to the past in order to save the present. 3DS 2016

Monster Hunter: Generations- Also known as Monster Hunter X, this game features four colossal monsters threatening to take over. You can also play with others online. Play the game on a 3DS with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate save data for bonus content. You can also get Marth's armor. 3DS Summer 2016

Metroid Prime: Federation Force- This game tells the story of the Galactic Federation and the Space Pirates. Samus will appear in the story, but is not the main character. Players will be able to select their play style, such as healer or warrior, depending on what weapons they take. 3DS Late Spring 2016

Rhythm Heaven: Megamix- There are over 100 games, some brand new and others from previous games. 3DS 2016

Kirby- Invaders have mechanized Dreamland. Move back and forth between foreground and background. Kirby can take on his enemy's tech, which can also copy abilities. A new game is Team Kirby Clash. Battle with up to three other players and take on quests. Get experience to level up. Amiibo are compatible with this game. Tap them to get abilities. There will be a new series of Kirby Amiibo featuring Kirby, MetaKnight, King Dedede, and Waddle Dee. June 10

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