Thursday, February 20, 2014

Super Mario 3D World: 6-2 -- Spooky Seasick Wreck

This Ghost House is a series of boats and piers. Take the warp box to the first boat. All of the boats rock, which may make you dizzy. There are Bullies on the boats. They will try to push you into holes in the boat or off the boat entirely. You can do the same to them and push them with fireballs. Between the boats are tilting platforms with spike bars. Kill the bullies on the second boat to make the first Green Star appear. The warp box at the end of the path will take you inside a boat. There's water in the boat. Ahead, ghosts are circling the stamp. Boos will appear. There's a couple of item blocks ahead. Hit the second item block for a Starman. Near the second ring of ghosts, drop down into the water for the second Green Star. The warp box at the end will take you to the midpoint.

The platform will drop to some tilting platforms. Proceed carefully. The third Green Star is near some Boos. At the end is a boat with Bullies. Grab the item from the invisible block near the center. Kill the Bullies to make the warp box to the flagpole appear. There are tilting platforms and spike bars leading up to the flag.

The stamp is of a Fire Flower.

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