Sunday, February 23, 2014

Super Mario 3D World: 6-5 -- Ty-Foo Flurries

Ty-Foos are giant Foos that blow vortices. They're strong enough to push you to the edge of the ground. There's lots of snow in the area. You may want Toad for this level. The first set of item blocks has a Fire Flower. Hit the Ty-Foos with it to temporarily stun in so you can pass. Go right and up the path with the crates. You'll find a couple of brick enemies with spiked edges that will strafe side to side. Past them is some ice with a Goomba in a Kuribo's Skate. Take the skate and use it to safely go onto the spikes ahead and reach the stamp. Return to the ice, then go up the steps. There are Ty-Foos here. There are a couple of item blocks in the path of a Ty-Foo. Above them is an invisible block. Stand on it to reach the first Green Star. Ahead is a narrow path with several Ty-Foos. Either run quickly or stun them individually to pass. Go through the clear pipe at the end to reach the midpoint.

Past the midpoint is more ice. Grab a Kuribo's Skate and go left to the Mystery Box, crossing some spikes. Here, grab another Kuribo's Skate and skate downhill as quickly as possible to reach the second Green Star. Once you return to the main level, cross the spikes again, then go to the back wall. The third Green Star is in the gap. Jump into the gap when you see a little air current come from the gap. A vortex will push you out of the gap. Don't jump when the vortex is there or you won't be able to reach the Green Star. Ahead are more Ty-Foos and brick enemies, which makes reaching the pipe to the flag difficult. Time your movements and proceed with caution.

The stamp is of Mario and Kuribo's Skate.

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