Thursday, February 6, 2014

Super Mario 3D World: 4-Mystery House -- Mystery House Mad Dash

There are ten Green Stars in this Mystery House. Instead of beating a series of enemies, you'll have to run to reach the Green Stars before time runs out. You have ten seconds for each stage.

The first stage involves running and jumping on the springboards to reach the Green Star. Stage 2 has wavy hills and ants with spiked caps. Stage 3 has you running away from a Banzai Bill with crates in your way. Stage 4 has Spikes throwing spike bars at you. Stage 5 has a narrow path with coins. You can jump across the gaps, and after you get the Green Star, get some coins from the brick block.

Stage 6 has boost pads and Thwomps. Stage 7 has pendulums you must jump to. If you fall, you can get back on the pendulum without backtracking. Stage 8 has several Goombas and Microgoombas. Ignore them and blow them away and keep going. Stage 9 has Cat Banzai Bills and a narrow path. Stage 10 has Spikes throwing spike bars on donut lifts, which makes them disappear. Keep switching sets of donut lifts to make it across. They will reappear after a short while.

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