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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Direct - 10/23/14

Nintendo has some news about the upcoming release of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.
1. The default fighter lineup is over 40. The fighters have the same move set between the 3DS and Wii U. You can still unlock some characters.
2. The Wii U has higher resolution and you can play with 6 players.
3. On certain stages, 8 players can play, but not online. Some of the stages are larger to accommodate more players.
4. There are more stages in the Wii U version and they are bigger to incorporate the larger number of fighters.
5. The Great Cave Offensive stage has danger zones that appear as pits of lava or spikes. You'll take damage from hitting them. If you hit them with over 100% damage, it's an instant knock-out.
6. Jungle Hijinxs is a stage with two planes: the foreground and background. Players can move between the planes with the barrels. After using a barrel, you'll be surrounded in non-damaging flames. If you use another barrel soon after, you'll blow up. Fighters also launch more easily from the rear plane.
7. There are more stages than the 3DS version and they are designed differently.
8. Miiverse Stage will incorporate messages posted to Miiverse that cheer on the fighters.
9. Some of the characters will have in-game commentary. Choose Pit and other characters, such as Palutena and Viridi, may add their commentary.
10. Gaur Plain from Xenoblade Chronicles is a stage on this version as well. Metal Face will appear at night and add commentary and attack. You can attack him and knock him out.
11. Ridley will appear on a certain stage called Pyrosphere. If one player attacks him enough he will fight on their side. Once he consumes enough energy, he will become the more vicious Meta Ridley. Knock him out for a point, even if he's on your side. FG II-Graham units, Zeroes, and Joulions appear on this stage and can be used by players.
12. Time, stock, and coin battle modes will be available. In coin battles, you'll compete to pick up the coins dropped from launched fighters. Try not to lose your stash.
13. There's also Stamina Smash, where you reduce the other players' hit points to zero. It's a part of Special Smash Mode.
14. Special Smash Mode is a new mode that allows you to customize the rules. These matches will not affect your records.
15. You can choose the frequency with which items appear, if at all.
16. In My Music, you can select music to play than the 3DS version. You can select the frequency with which you hear the song. The music covers all parts of Nintendo's history.
17. You can also change how frequently you hear certain songs of menu music.
18. There are more songs to hear than on the 3DS version. Almost all of the music from the 3DS will be in this version.
19. There is a long list of composers for the game's music.
20. CDs appear in the game. Collect them to add a song to your library. They may appear when smashing or as rewards for completing challenges.
21. Challenges appear on one screen and completing them will unlock new ones.
22. In Classic Mode, you progress depending on how well you survived and dominated other players. There are rivals and challengers. The difficulty can be adjusted, which also affects your reward.  You can also play with two players in Classic Mode.
23. Once you clear Classic Mode, you'll be shown a movie featuring the fighter you used.
24. In All-Star mode, take on all fighters with limited healing items. You'll fight characters in reverse chronological order. You can also play with another player. In the Rest Area, there's a coliseum in the background with trophies of fighters you've defeated. You'll battle characters in reverse-chronological order.
25. In Event Mode, you'll fight in set, themed battles. Clear stages to reveal the path forward. Two players can participate in this mode, but with battles designed for two players.
26. Smash Tour is a new mode, which is like a board game that supports 4 players. Miis move around the board, using items as you choose. As you go around the board, you'll collect fighters to fight for you and powerups. If two players land on the same space, all players will battle. Fighters will be used in the order collected. If you win, you can steal a fighter. Go through checkpoints to become stronger. At the end, you'll play a stock battle based on how many fighters you gained.
27. Target Blast gives you a time bomb to launch at targets to gain points which affects your Global Smash Score. The second time bomb is bigger, heavier, and has a more powerful explosion.
28. Group Stadium allows for multiplayer in Stadium events, even Target Blast. Up to four players take turns. Multiman Smash can also be played with four players. Home-Run Contest will be a two-player co-op with up to four players.
29. Special Orders will reward you for winning matches on tickets. Master Orders has you clear winning matches on a ticket and receiving rewards. Each ticket can only be played once and are used separately. Crazy Orders will cost you coins or a pass to play. You'll have to survive many battles within a set time limit. Survive long enough to face off against Crazy Hand in an all-or-nothing battle for the rewards you earned from the previous battles. Master Hand is the final boss in Classic Mode.
30. Master Fortress is a new form that Master Core can take. It appears on harder difficulties.
31. You can use the following controllers: Wiimote + with or without Nunchuk, GamePad, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro, Wii U Pro Controller, GameCube Controller, and the 3DS. You can customize the button settings on all of the above controllers.
32. With the GameCube Controller Adapter, you can plug GameCube controllers into the Wii U. You can use GameCube Controllers you already own or new ones like the Super Smash Bros. Edition.
33. If you have the 3DS Smash game, you can use your 3DS as a controller. Select 3DS on the Wii U menu and Wii U on the 3DS menu.
34. If you transfer 3DS data to the Wii U, all data and equipment will be transferred.
35. There are a lot of trophies, mostly from home console titles. There are more trophies than the 3DS version.
36. There are trophies of the characters' Final Smashes. Clear All-Star mode to get that fighter's Final Smash trophy.  
37. There's a Trophy Box, so you can arrange your trophies according to theme.
38. You can also arrange them and take pictures in the Photo Studio.
39. You can get a lot of trophies in Trophy Rush. You can play with another player cooperatively or competitively.
40. Masterpieces are a sort of time trial mode to play short snippets of games from characters' past. You can buy the games on the eShop.
41. Scan in Amiibo figurines and you can level them up as figure players. You can power them up by feeding them powerups. You can fight with or against them, or let them fight amongst themselves. Send them to fight a friend and they will become tougher and bring you presents.
42. The Wii LAN Adapter is compatible with the Wii U if you do not have a stable internet connection.
43. If your Wii U is connected to the internet, at the top of the menu, you'll have a feed displaying notifications and the latest topics.
44. You can play With Anyone using the same Wii U. Select Team Smash to play alone or with a friend.
45. You can host tourneys, but this mode will not be available at launch. You can set the rules for your tourneys.
46. 64-player tournaments will be available. After each battle, you can watch replays.
47. On the GamePad, you can display the damage all of the players have taken or the action on the screen. 
48. Use the GamePad to paint and edit pictures. You can post the pictures online and send them to friends.
49. The microphone allows you to talk to other players, except during battles to preserve internet connectivity.
50. You can also easily design stages on the GamePad with Stage Builder. You can choose between five themes and any music.
51. You'll also be able to share pictures and stages with friends and the world.
52. All of the movies of fighters joining the battle will be on the Wii U version.
53. If you purchase both versions and register them with Club Nintendo, you'll get two soundtrack CDs. The Red CD has 3DS tracks and the Blue CD has Wii U tracks.
54. Mewtwo will be a free download for those who purchase both version in Spring 2015.

Bowser Jr. will be a playable character, using his Clown Copter as a vehicle and weapon, as the Koopalings will.  The Wii U version will launch November 21.

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