Friday, October 10, 2014

Super Paper Mario -- Chapter 8-2: The Crash

An endless labyrinth of mind-boggling turns and deadly enemies... This final journey was more dangerous and trying than our heroes had seen before. Mario and friends kept on without Bowser, who was lost in a duel. There was no time to stop and search for Bowser, or even grieve. Our heroes knew they had to rush toward the final encounter with Count Bleck.

The ground is shaking in Castle Bleck's Foyer. Luigi's lost count of the tremors. Peach finds it strange that Count Bleck would let the destruction of The Void ravage his private castle, wondering what kind of evil plan it is if it destroys him in the process. Tippi wonders if Blumiere is here, then says they must keep moving and find Count Bleck soon. There are Zoing-Oings, Cursyas, Red Is, and Blastboxers in the area. Go through the door.

Someone says the heroes have finally arrived. The music from Merlee's Basement plays. It's Merlon, who somehow beat the heroes here. Tippi asks what he's doing here and he says he found a fascinating passage in the Light Prognosticus, so he rushed here to tell them. The passage says they can reach Count Bleck by hitting the totally unsuspicious block in front of them. Behind Merlon is a locked door. Hit the block to open up a trapdoor. Merlon giggles, calling the heroes a bunch of suckers and transforming into Mimi. The heroes drop down to a cage with a pipe on the other side of the bars. On the right side is a crack in the wall. Blow it up and go through it to reach the pipe. There are doors on either side. The door on the right leads to a room with spikes, Para Spike Tops, and a red block. The door to the left leads to a room with Magiblots, fire bars, and a red block. The red blocks in each room will move the pipe to the left or the right. Move the pipe to the far left, then go through it. There are three chests in the room with a Courage Shell, a Life Shroom, and a Key. Flip to find a hole in the floor, then drop down to the locked door.

Go through the door and you'll find Gloombas and stairs with flipping hammer bros, Koopas, and Fire Bros. Go through the door on the middle landing and you'll find many Cursyas. Flip to find a hidden path to the right which leads to a chest with an Ultra Shroom Shake. Return and go through the door at the top of the stairs. Here you'll find three dangling Mushrooms. As before, there's a trapdoor under each. The left one has three Shlorps, the middle one has all kinds of Cherbils except Dark Cherbils, and the right one has a Chromeba in 3D. Defeat the Chromeba for the key. Return to the room so you can unlock the door on the right.

Someone is speaking in rhyme about how the heroes have arrived. It's Merlee, saying she knew the heroes would survive. She has three questions to ask that will hold the key to the heroes' future. They must answer honestly and fairly.
1. Which one of theses beasts is hardest for you to make deceased? Goomba, Clubba, or Ultra Shroom
2. Next, which of theses fearsome three most rattles your knees? Fuzzies, Hammer Bros., Thunder Rage
3. Now which of these do you despise like fleas? Amayzee Dayzee, Francis, Cooking Mistake
After you answer the questions, Merlee leaves, saying they will meet again. Go through the door to find the answers to your questions in the next three rooms.

After the third door, Merlee is hopping mad, asking what the heroes are trying to pull. She reveals that she's actually Mimi, who put everything the heroes "hate" in those rooms, and asks how they got through the icky stuff. She suspects that they may have been lying. Peach asks how Mimi dares lecture them as she was just pretending to be Merlon and Merlee. Mimi ought to be ashamed for using such dirty tricks. Mimi says she likes getting what she wants, so she does whatever she needs to get it. She calls Peach always having to get rescued by boys embarrassing. Peach is a lot of talk when she has her little boyfriends to protect her. Peach is shocked and decides to give Mimi what she so richly deserves. Luigi asks if Peach is serious and Peach says to stay out of it. Mimi threw mud at her dignity. She tells the bros to leave her be and they understand. Mimi is amused that the pretty princess wants to face her along, but says it would be sad if her boyfriends had to cry over spilled peaches. She transforms, saying Peach should try not to cry or her pretty makeup will run.

Mimi has an unknown amount of HP and four attack. As always, she'll attack with Rupees. She'll also have Rubees spin around her as she moves on a line. Duck when she does this. She's faster than last time. Throw Rubees to knock her off the ceiling and stomp her to make her legs fall off one by one. When she's defeated, she screams "WAHHHHHH!" Peach asks what's the matter and if she spanked her too hard. Luigi congratulates her, but the castle shakes violently. Tippi says the destruction is spreading and if they dawdle, they're doomed. Peach suggests they leave, so the bros take off, but she stays behind, saying Mimi can't stay here and should find some place safe in the castle. Mimi doesn't think Peach cares. The castle shakes even more violently.

Outside the room, Tippi wonders what that loud noise was. Luigi calls for Peach, but the door won't open. Back in the room, Peach is holding onto a ledge, as most of the floor has given way. With her other hand, she's holding onto Mimi. Mimi asks the silly princess what she's doing. Peach asks herself the same question, saying she just leapt into action without thinking. Mimi doesn't want her help and wants to be left alone. Peach can't do that, even though Mimi has been very bad. Peach doesn't know how Mimi was raised, but she was taught to help people in need, so she can't leave Mimi to die. The castle shakes again and Peach falls.

Outside, Luigi laments that they've lost two party members: first Bowser, and now, Peach. He asks Mario what they should do. Tippi says they have to keep going, but Luigi says they can't leave the princess. Tippi knows it's horrible, but this is the end of all worlds. They must press on, which is what Peach would want if she were here. Luigi says that would be a thing Peach would say and that he's worried about her. He says she'd be mad at them for wasting time, so they should keep going. To the right is the star.

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