Saturday, November 1, 2014

Super Paper Mario -- Chapter 6-1

After you defeat Dimentio and The Void closes, you can return to Flipside. Merlon will find the heroes on the towers. Merlon calls their victory a roaring success, but he’s still worried about Tippi being gone for so long. Magical events transpired and all towns are safe. He thanks the heroes and asks if they’ve heard from Tippi. No one has seen her, but he feels that she’s alive and happy. He knows there are many people the heroes wish to see, so he’ll be in his house if they want to talk to him.

After The Void closes, there’s one more trial you can do. For it, I recommend gathering as many Ultra Shroom Shakes as you can carry. There are more powerful healing items out there, but they may be more of a hassle to obtain. The remaining items you should carry are Life Shrooms and other healing items. Emergency Rations only heal 10 HP where we’re going. For my inventory, I had the following: 3 Ultra Shroom Shakes, 4 Life Shrooms, 1 Super Shroom Shake, and 2 Emergency Rations. I am level 29. When you’re ready, go through the door to Chapter 6.
We now enter the newly restored Sammer Kingdom. We can now complete the Sammer Challenge that was cut short. Go to the first gate and Jade Blooper will challenge you to the Duel of 100. He says you’ll lose your progress if you leave before the end of the 100th fight. My initial strategy is to use Bowser to breathe fire, Barry to repel enemies (if you use Barry at the top of their jump, they’ll take damage. He can also reflect shockwaves and energy balls.), Carrie to stomp some spiked enemies, and Mario when the enemy jumps, or uses shockwaves or energy balls. This is so you can flip to dodge their attacks. You can also flip, move to a corner, then flip back and change to Bowser and use his fire breath. You can also back the Sammer Guys into a corner if they don’t jump. Push them off the edge of the stage and just breathe fire and you may eventually hit them.
1.      Jade Blooper- normal with a sword
2.      Hill with Eyes- normal with a sword
3.      Puffing Fist- normal with a sword
4.      Squatting Birdo- normal with a mace
5.      Leeping Cheep- normal with a spike and a sword
6.      Master Wiggler- normal with a sword
7.      Shoe of Kuribo- normal with a mace
8.      Guy Who Fry- normal with a sword. He jumps.
9.      Screaming Mantiss- normal with a mace
10.  Koopa in Winter- large with a club. He rolls.
11.  Footsteps of Coins- normal with a spike and a sword
12.  Urchin Lung- normal with a sword
13.  Crow Who Eats- normal with a sword. He can use shockwaves.
14.  Swollen Tongue- normal with a spike and a sword.
15.  Slipping Grip- normal with a sword. He jumps.
16.  Clammy Hand- normal with a sword. He also jumps.
17.  Forbidden Slap- normal with a sword. He jumps as well.
18.  Hairy Arantula in the Grass- tiny with a sword. He’s very fast.
19.  Another Castle- normal with a mace. He jumps.
20.  Rolling Thwomp- large with a club. He rolls.
21.  Thrashing Prawn- normal with a spike and a sword. He uses shockwaves.
22.  Thousand-Year Roar- normal with a sword. He jumps.
23.  Unshy Guy- normal with a spike and a mace
24.  Useless Badge- normal with a mace
25.  Sunshine Flood- normal with a spike and sword. He is shiny and uses shockwaves.
After this battle, you’ll find the star on the right side of the gate. You can now save.

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