Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam -- Part 5: Double Pokey Tower Power

The bros have to get past the Pokeys in Doop Doop Dunes Grotto. There are Paper Spinies wandering around down here. Walk to the south and you'll find some Pokey-shaped plants. Use the Trio Hammer to get rid of them. The trick for the taller ones is to knock away segments with Mario, then quickly unleash the Trio Hammer. Nearby, you'll find a pipe out of the grotto. Hit the switch to raise a platform so you can come back to the grotto. You'll also find Sandmaarghs, creatures that will dive into the sand, then surface to attack. Exit to the southwest.

Walk southwest to find more of the plants. Hit the one farther south into the north one to clear a path. Walk up that path to hit a switch, which raises a rock to the south. Walk across the rock to find another plant, with one on a moving platform to the north. Clear off the north plant and cross the gap on the yellow platform. Follow the path around to a high rock near another pipe. Step on the yellow platform. It will take you to a large yellow platform with a plant. Hit the plant into the plants on the nearby rocks. The timing can be a little tricky. One platform has an item block with a Steady Hammer. The other has a ! Block that will make a spring appear so you can reach the other yellow platform with a plant. Hit the two plants you pass to clear the way to the pipe. Hit the switch before you go through the pipe to raise the platform.

The pipe leads to an oasis in the dunes. A Paper Toad appears, asking the bros to help. Bowser's minions kidnapped his friends. All seven must be rescued within the time limit of 20 minutes. One is to the north. There are stone brick blocks near a Fly Guy with a Paper Toad. Destroy two block in the left and middle columns to reach it and engage it in battle. The time limit continues during battle. If you need to reset the blocks, hit the ! Block. Fly Guys will pass around a bomb. Defeat the one with the bomb to make it drop the bomb to hurt its allies. Approach the Paper Toad to save it. Walk south and you'll find another Fly Guy with a Paper Toad. Use the spring to reach it. After the battle, walk east. Walk to the right to the spring. Spring to the stone block, then spring again to a plant. Hit it at the Fly Guys. When you hit the Fly Guy with the Paper Toad, it will attack you. Walk to the left and you'll find Sandmaarghs and springs. Use the spring when the Fly Guy flies toward the bros to attack it. There are two Paper Toads in this situation. Go north and walk to the left. Dash into the orange spring platform to reach the top of the sand flow. Go down it to find a couple of Fly Guys. I finished with just under seven minutes to spare.

Afterwards, the bros will return to the Oasis, where there's a Lakitu Info Hut. Starlow asks the Paper Toads if they can build the bros something to make them jump really high. Lakitu says they need eight more Paper Toads to finish the project. Walk to the north to find a pipe. This will allow you to warp around the Mushroom Kingdom. Right now, you can go to Sunbeam Plains. To the left is a pensive Blue Toad that has a quiz.
1. During battles in Doop Doop Dunes, which of the following does Sandmaargh do? Attacks by gobbling you up.
2. What's the max number of times you can kick the shell in the 3D Red Shell Bros. Attack? Seven
3. Which of these is a surprised Starlow? The right silhouette
4. How many fingers does Bowser have on each hand? Three. Thumb doesn't count!
5. Which of the following is Princess Peach not wearing? A necklace
The bros win 3 Defense Beans for winning.

Go into the Lakitu Info Hut to save some Paper Toads. The first challenge is The Stone Prison. You must smash the stone blocks without squishing the Paper Toad encased in crystal. All the Paper Toads need to do is reach the ground. Stones will hang in the air if they're hooked over something. You'll save three Paper Toads this way. Safe by a Sandslide is next. Save all of the Paper Toads on the sand flow. Avoid the bombs and smash brick blocks with your hammer or Trio Hammer. Everything flows towards you, including coins. It's trickier than it looks. The five here are the last you need to get the thing to make you jump high. Soon after, you get a paper trampoline delivery. You also get Trio Kite, a new Trio Attack. Return through the pipe to the grotto.

Go east and go near the Heart Block. Mario will place the paper trampoline. Step on it and the bros will be launched above the clouds. Starlow is impressed. You'll land back in the grotto, near the Pokeys. Hit the Pokey segments with your hammer to knock them down to size. It's time to battle them. Paper Tower Power Pokey will roll itself into a wheel. Repeatedly hit it away with the hammer. Big Pokey will lie on its side and roll around repeatedly. Jump to dodge. The Fire Flower does critical damage to both. Paper Tower Power Pokey will hit Big Pokey's segments into the bros. Use the hammer to counter. The Pokeys will chase the bros. Use the Airplane Dodge. If both attack at the same time, use Airplane Dodge on the bro attacked by Big Pokey and have the other bro just jump. Starlow says the Pokeys will regenerate segments if one has more than the other, so the bros should attack them equally. If Big Pokey has 4 or fewer segments, it won't hit Paper Mario when it rolls around. Attacks like Trio Raquet and Fire Flower work best. Once they lose all other segments, you can jump on them. They'll be dazed for a few turns. If you defeat only one, the other one will get angry. Keep yourself healed and keep attacking to win.

After you defeat the Pokeys, heal and jump on the paper trampoline again. Press (A) near the bridge to grab it. On the back wall, send Paper Mario into the gap a few times for some items. Go east and you'll find Bowser's Castle isn't far away. Approach the east exit and a Papercraft Kamek will appear. The two Kameks argue over the aesthetics. Paper Toads inform the bros that they made a new papercraft.

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