Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam -- Part 6: Reaching for Freedom

The new and improved papercraft is Papercraft Luigi. It's holding a hammer. There are Papercraft Pokeys on the battlefield, as well as Papercraft Goombas. Papercraft Luigi's flying hammer attack (the throw attack) is needed to defeat these spikey enemies. Charge up the Toads again, but the rhythm is different. Clear the field to make Papercraft Kamek appear. The Kameks use magic to surround Papercraft Kamek with a barrier and make more brick blocks appear. Use the flying hammer attack to hit it. Papercraft Kamek can warp around the battlefield, so don's expect it to stay put for long. It can also expand its barrier to cause damage. After it has half of its health, the barrier will disappear and it will shoot magic. Counter the attack with the flying hammer attack. Keep attacking and keep your papercraft healed with Mushrooms from the item blocks.

After Papercraft Kamek is defeated, Kamek says they could've won if it wasn't so ugly. They retreat to come up with a new strategy. Approach the bridge to Bowser's Castle and something appears in the sky. It's a giant cannonball with Bowser's emblem on it. It destroys the bridge. Bowser wants a damage report from within his castle. He was aiming for Mario and wonders if his minions do anything correctly. He apparently has planned for their ineptitude and tells them to keep firing, as they have enough cannonballs to compensate for their terrible aim. The next one nearly hits them and knocks them away. Roy Koopa, Ludwig von Koopa, Wendy O. Koopa, and Larry Koopa appear. Ludwig says they have to take the bros to the secure location. Roy summons a pickup from some Chargin' Chucks. In the process, the book falls out of Luigi's hands. The Koopalings are about to walk away when Roy wonders why there aren't paper versions of them. Wendy thinks their paper versions are doing important things in their world. She also thinks they don't need their help. She leaves and Roy spots the book. He thinks books are dumb, so he decides to throw it away when the Bowser Jrs. appear. Bowser Jr. says he'll tell his dad if Roy throws his book away. Bowser Jr. picks it up.

In the secure location, the Mario Bros are tied up and Paper Mario is tied up in a roll. Paper Mario stands up and rolls himself up tighter so the ropes fall away. He frees and wakes up the bros. Starlow wonders how they'll escape the cell and Paper Mario slips through the door's bars. He hits the lock with his hammer to open the cell door. The bros leave the cell and Luigi starts checking for something. Mario explains the book containing the Paper Mushroom Kingdom is gone. Luigi mopes around for a while. Starlow tries to make him feel better, but then makes it worse. Paper Mario suggests they look for it after they defeat Bowser. Paper Mario folds himself into a hankerchief, then wrings himself out after Luigi dries his eyes. Starlow suggests exploring to figure out where they are. There are a couple of cells in the area. Send Paper Mario into the one with the Toad, who says they're in the Twinsy Tropics Dungeon. A nice paradise having a dungeon is creepy. He says the minions are talking of harvesting something from here. Go east, as you can't get far going west.

There's not much here except some item blocks with coins. Go east. There are more cells here. The blue Toad explains that Bowser's after an ore only found here. The yellow Toad says they are used to haul the ore to Bowser's Castle. Try to go east and a Hammer Bro notices they're trying to escape. More Hammer Bros appear. The bros want to fight, but the Hammer Bros say they'll find battle difficult without their Command Blocks. They can't attack, use Bro or Trio Attacks, flee, or use items. The bros will have to fight for their Command Blocks back. They leave to go on patrol. Getting their Command Blocks back is the bros' next challenge.

Find a Hammer Bro and engage it. You can't attack, so all you can do is counterattack. They'll throw three hammers, then charge. Jump to dodge the hammers, except the ones that are thrown high in the air, then jump to counter. The first Command Block you'll retrieve is the flee one. You can press [R] to idle, which is a problem when your [R] button is broken. You'll then recover Drill Shell and Rocket Blast, then hammer, Trio Kite, then everything else. Go east. There are a few Hammer Bros here. The sign says the bridge is old and rickety. There's also a key to the gate on the other side. Walk under the bridge and up the ramp to reach the bridge. The bros are initially cautious about crossing, but then start jumping lightly and the bridge collapses. The bros form their own bridge using themselves and inch their way back up. Luigi gets an idea. It's the Trio Grab. Like the Trio Hammer, press (A), (B), and (Y) in order, which allows the bros to form a chain to reach things. Unlock the door and Starlow suggests they go outside to see what the Bowsers have done to the Mushroom Kingdom. She also says they should look out for the book, as it would be terrible if it fell into the wrong hands (too late for that), and they have to save the princesses. Being a hero requires a lot of multitasking.

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