Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam -- Part 9: Feeding the Cleaning Beast

In Peach's Castle, the Toads say the situation is awful. A Toad spotted the Bowser Jrs. with the princesses on Mount Brrr. That's where Bowser's villa is. I thought he'd pick a more tropical place. At the villa, Bowser Jr. enjoys the view while Paper Bowser Jr. checks out the papercraft that looks like them. The princesses are cold and have no idea where they are. They have each other for company and warmth. They also wonder where the bros are. After a while, they start talking about their appearance. They want to change their hair, possibly going shorter, but someone talks them out of it. The reason being it's not princess-like, but clearly, these people have never met Daisy. Paper Peach suggests changing the dress, but Peach says it's her favorite. The minions watch them with curiosity. The princesses plan a fashion show after they escape to show off their new looks. The minions seem to be in love with the princesses.

Back in Peach's Castle, the Toads are imagining how things are going for the princesses. The bros set off for Mount Brrr, which is north of Gloomy Woods. Toadette says she'll prep a papercraft for the bros. One lone courageous Toad sets forth to help save the princesses. Head to Sunbeam Plains. At level 12, the bros will reach Boomerang Rank. Go as far north as possible, then east once. Use the Trio Grab to move to the north. You'll see Paper Petey Piranha chasing the brave Toad from before. Paper Petey Piranha tosses the Toad away. Paper Petey Piranha will take the Copy Block and make copies of himself. He'll then charge at the bros. Use the hammer to counter. If a copy is defeated, it will fall onto the ground. Two copies will jump into the air and land to create shockwaves. Jump to dodge. After a while, the copies will heal and reform the stack. At some point, all of the copies may be down. Attack the one that lifts its head periodically. They may then shuffle around. Keep track of them, as the real one won't lift its head anymore. When Paper Petey Piranha gets angry it will chase the bros. Remember the order each copy flies to which side, then Airplane Dodge as each copy appears on the ground. If they're not close to each other, a normal jump will suffice. If you're having difficulty keeping all three bros alive, just leave one down so this attack is easier to dodge.

After the battle, go north. There's a Toad Village, with Yoshis present. The Toads have seen a lot of Bowser's minions lately, some working on a gate. The red Toad House has a Toad with a quiz.
1. What does a Paratroopa become when it loses its wings? Choose Koopa.
2. How many fangs does Bowser Jr. have? One
3. Kamek's attacks take the shape of circle, square and what else? Triangle
4. What baddie is this? Hammer Bro
5. What hairstyle does Toadette have? Braids
For winning, you get 3 Speed Beans. When you're ready, go north.

Paper Kamek appears, saying he doesn't have time to deal with the bros. He turns his magic into cardboard to block the path. Walk to the west and you'll find a berry growing on a tree. Jump to grab it. Wiggler is nearby. It's hungry. Give it the berry. Apparently, Wiggler guards the forest, but couldn't because he was hungry. He plows through the cardboard. He blocks the path to the east. He's hungry again, and won't move until he's fed 10 more berries. Walk back to where you found the first berry and Trio Grab to cross the gap. Walk up the stump and cross to the other stump with (X). Use the Trio Hammer on the tree to make three berries drop. Walk around to the left and Trio Hammer the stump so you can reach the berry with Trio Grab. Go north. You'll find some Ninji hiding by the walls. If you hit them with one attack, they'll be able to dodge that same attack, so don't use jump attacks twice in a row on the same Ninji. Dash into the orange spring to the left to jump up to the next platform. There are Paper Spear Guys here. Go south.

On the tree, there's a Paratroopa with a berry. Bowser likes berries and the Paratroopa needs a promotion. Trio Grab it from it anyway. Return north. Use the orange spring to find more berries. Give the ten berries to Wiggler. Unfortunately, he's still too weak to move. It needs dessert. A Yoshi appears with a melon. Of course, Wiggler's favorite food is a melon. Follow the Yoshi and return to the village. The Yoshi is reluctant to give up the melon, but is willing to wager it as a prize in a race. A Lakitu will explain the races. It's a race around the village, where there are tree stumps, mud, and Dash Panels. You can't change directions after you've hit a Dash Panel. You must pass through the flag at the halfway point. Get too close to Yoshi and he'll ground pound you. You can avoid the shock by jumping. Use (X) to jump. Towards the end, move closer to the item shop so you'll hit the spring to jump over the mud. Yoshi reluctantly hands over the melon when you win. He says he has a faster pal in the mountains the bros should challenge. Wiggler enjoyed eating the melon and spitting out the seeds. Wiggler walks east and finds more cardboard. He plows through it with ease.

Go east and walk to the north. There's an electric fence that Wiggler can't get past. Wiggler notices a nearby Bomb Bud that could get rid of the gate. You can't grab the Bomb Bud from where you stand. Walk a little to the south and use the Trio Hammer on the draw bridge. Cross the bridge and Nabbit appears. Grab the Bomb Bud and throw it to the rock Nabbit's standing on. Nabbit falls into the water and the chunks of rock form a bridge. Nabbit jumps out of the water and leaves the Bomb Derby Bro attack behind. Walk across the rock bridge to find another Bomb Bud. Toss it onto the gate's generator by walking up the ramp and pressing (Y). The gate is no longer electrified and drops away. Wiggler goes north to clean up the ahead.

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