Monday, February 8, 2016

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam -- Part 17: Ignoring Toadette for her Ultimate Plan

Neo Bowser Castle has left Peach's Castle in ruins. Peach says the destruction is terrible. They can't let Bowser get away with this, but he could attack again at any time. Starlow says they'd need to go to his castle to stop him, which isn't going to be easy because it's flying. Toadette walks into the throne room, saying she has an idea. She's working on an experiment, but will need a few dozen more Paper Toads. The number they need will bring them to 230 Paper Toads. She's got an awesome idea, but we don't know what it is yet. She gets support from the Marios. Luigi pouts because he wasn't mentioned, but Toadette says when she asked for Mario, his input was implied. That's not much better. Toadette mentions going to Mount Brrr first. She also gives Paper Mario a new Trio Attack: Trio Shuriken.

The bros need to head to Mount Brrr, but a Toad says some paper platforms are blocking the way to Gloomy Woods. There isn't a pipe they can use. But, you can get started rescuing Paper Toads from the Lakitu Info Center in Sunbeam Plains. First quest is Paper Toad Sand Scramble. Chase down a stack of 20 speedy Paper Toads. After you catch a few of them, they'll split up and hide. If they're moving along a wall, use Trio Grab from a bridge to the south.

Fly Guy Flyby involves chasing down Fly Guys holding Paper Toads in under 13 minutes. One is to the right of where you start. Climb up the rock and use Trio Hammer on the moving box. The Fly Guy will fly to the north. Use the Trio Hammer to flip over spikes to the south. Use Trio Grab to chase the Fly Guy, then Trio Glide to catch it while it's flying in place. The one to the south of there is hiding in a tree stump. Send in Paper Mario to hit the Music Note Block. Chase it over to some more tree stumps, then Trio Glide to it.

Paper Toad Freeze-Out involves finding 12 Paper Toads before they freeze. They're hiding in stores, behind trees, in the snow, by the pipe, in the Lakitu Info Center, in the Toad House, and behind shops. You may find Fuzzies behind the shops.

Finally, there's Paper Toad Patrol, where you have to save the Paper Toads all over Mount Brrr. Some are hiding in snowmen. Use the Trio Hammer. Use Trio Glide to save Paper Toads from flying enemies. To hit the ! Block, hit the cannonballs with the hammer. Rescue Paper Toads in bubbles with Trio Glide. After saving the Paper Toads, a delivery Toad has a message for Toadette. She says they'll need a stack of Paper Toads to reach Neo Bowser Castle. She says to head for Mount Brrr, but still save any Paper Toads. We're going to keep saving Paper Toads.

Toadette says to head for Mount Brrr, but there are more Paper Toads to rescue. Paper Toad Trail Trials involves collecting Paper Toads while dodging the Sandmaarghs. Paper Toad Shuffle involves finding more Paper Toads. To catch the speedy yellow one, chase it onto the cardboard rock and flip it using Trio Hammer. Use Trio Hammer on the nearby tree to get another one.

Bubble Trouble involves saving 36 Paper Toads in bubbles. To save the ones high above, go right to find an orange spring platform. Once all of these Paper Toads are saved, you'll get a new Trio Attack: Trio Meteor. Also, we've saved every Paper Toad.

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