Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam -- Part 19: Mount Sidequests

Luigi has reunited with the Marios in Gloomy Woods. Go south and send Paper Mario onto the spider web to hit the ! Block. The roots blocking several paths disappear. Take the time to go around and create bridges using Trio Grab. Go east to Toad Village, then north twice. You'll see a couple of Toads by the waterfall, saying they saw Bowser's minions head off to get revenge on Mario. They left a guard behind. They want the bros to defeat it for a reward. The guard they left behind is Roy Koopa. You must steal bombs from the Fly Guys and throw them at Roy Koopa. He'll also take bombs and throw them at you. It takes only three hits, but the Fly Guys will change flight patterns with each hit. Keep moving around, especially when he throws the bombs. You'll get Anti-Air Boots DX as a reward.

Go west to the darker side of Gloomy Woods. Trio Glide through the gold ring for coins. There are Boos holding a Toad hostage. Distract them for a reward. You must stay away from Boos until the timer runs out. Keeping all of the bros safe will earn you the most coins. Run around while a Boo chases you for 1 minute, 30 seconds. Coins will appear and Bob-ombs will drop from the sky. Flames will appear after a while, along with coins. Bob-ombs will drop from the sky again, then flames that move. Once you clear the challenge, collect the coins on the ground. You'll get a Mix Badge DX as a reward. Follow the path around and drop down to the stone brick block. Break it and send Paper Mario through the gap for some coins and an accessory.

Return to the Toad Village and walk to the east. Use the cardboard platforms to reach a spot where you can use Trio Grab to create a path into the nearby Toad House. Cross over into the Card Shop and check out the dresser for a Bros. Ring. There's a warp pipe in the village. Use it to reach North Gloomy Woods, where Flutter is. There's a panicking Toad who had something stolen from him. It's Nabbit, and he springs to the clouds. The clouds will disappear when you jump off them, so plan your path strategically. Plan your path so there are only two clouds to stand on that are next to each other. Catch Nabbit and he'll run to another set of clouds, this one with arrows on it. You'll get a new Bros. Attack, Balloon Blast.

Flutter will take you to the same spot as before, since there are cannons firing higher up the mountain. A Toad informs the bros there's a pipe nearby that leads directly to the village. A Toad greets them, and points out the cardboard platforms leading to a mysterious cave. In the center of town is the final Toad with a quiz.
1. In the storage area in Peach's Castle, which of the following popped out of the wall? A Scaredy Rat
2. Who is this? Shy Guy
3. What attack is most effective against paper monsters? Fire Flower
4. Which of the following Koopalings is bald? Wendy
5. Which of the following does Spike throw? Spike ball
The reward for passing all of the tests is the Mushroom Gloves.
You can reach Bowser's Villa to the east for a couple of items. Head for the cave. The Yoshi there is the friend of the Yoshi the bros raced in Gloomy Woods. He challenges the bros.

It's a long race with obstacles such as ice, springs, and mud. You'll also have to use Trio Hammer. Yoshi will ground pound and throw eggs. The prize is the Speed Gloves. Be ready to stop and switch to the hammer. Jump to dodge Yoshi's attacks.

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