Thursday, February 11, 2016

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam -- Part 20: The Evasive Staircase

Go into the cave. There are Shy Guys here. They can throw Paper Shy Guys at you. Use the dirt wall to climb higher, then break the stone brick block. This lead to an exit to the clouds. Ahead are Lakitu researching the summit to see where the cardboard platforms come from. Go east and you'll find a stumped Toad. Solve the puzzle of moving the blocks on the dirt wall, but you have two blocks on a single puzzle. Move the pink target as follows: up, left, down, right, down, left. For the blue crescent, up. left, up left, down, left, down. He'll give you a Blunt Hammer DX. Return to the west. Walk to the left and use Trio Glide through the ring to reach the cave.

Inside, the bros find a complex maze they'll have to navigate using Trio Drill and Trio Glide. Exit to the east. Trio Glide from the wooden platform to reach a higher wooden platform with items and coins. Go east. Luigi spots something. There's a strange gate in front of a large door in the side of the mountain. Use Trio Hammer on the large red button to make the red parts of the gate disappear. Walk to the south, then go east.

You'll find a panicking Lakitu here. He witnessed Toads being abducted. Agree to help him and he'll take you there. The bros must rescue the Toads while standing on a cloud. They will fail if three Toads are abducted. The Toads' colors could be a hint. To rescue them, jump when the minions fly overhead. Avoid jumping into bombs. Your reward is the Bold Heart accessory. Climb up the wooden platform and Trio Glide to the west. Use Trio Hammer to flip the spikes. Go west. Hit the blue button to remove the gate from the door. There's an elevator inside. Approach the door and hit the ! Block to make a path to the west.

Go through the door and get on the elevator. They reach a command center in the clouds. Starlow marvels that this evil lair has been on the summit the entire time. It’s the location of the cannons firing paper minions and cardboard platforms. The minions notice the bros are here, since there’s no way they have access cards. They sound off a Code Red and a Code Green. Big Bob-omb drops in, telling minions to relax. Starlow doesn’t feel she can relax in this situation. Big Bob-omb initiates the self-destruct sequence. The minions panic. No one can know about this mission, so Big Bob-omb will blow everyone up. The minions flee, while Starlow wants Big Bob-omb to relax and talk about this. Big Bob-omb repeats her earlier sentiments about relaxing.
The battle starts. The bros have 4 minutes to defeat Big Bob-omb. A boss battle on such a short time limit will be tricky. He’ll toss Bob-ombs at the bros. Jump on them to send them back. He can also pick up a bro and throw them. Counter with the hammer. Another attack is to roll a giant bomb. Counter with the hammer repeatedly to stun him. This will add a minute to the timer. Do not use jump attacks as his crown is pointy. Drill Shell also does good damage while taking a small amount of time to execute. After a while, he’ll get angry. If you run out of time, Big Bob-omb will explode. Hold (X) to Emergency Block. Even with that, the bros may not survive, even if you use a Battle Card. After a while, he’ll say he can’t lose to the bros because he’s a king and has a mustache. He then realizes they do as well. With that, he is defeated.

Two Lakitu appear with a big Paper Toad delivery. They drop off several Paper Toads. They know the drill, which is to help the bros reach Neo Bowser Castle. Toadette figured out a way for them to help and they’re helpful for the bros rescuing them. They’re going to form an ambitious set of stairs. It spirals higher and higher. At the base, they ask if they’ve reached the castle, but as with every game of Telephone, the message is soon changed. Somehow, the message comes back crystal clear that they’ve made it. A Toad says Toadette miscalculated and that there are more Paper Toads than necessary. It’s probably because we saved them all. The extras want to help, so they’ll form a new Bros. Attack: Toad Trail.

Head up the Paper Toad staircase with the Paper Toads cheering the bros on. A giant cannonball drops nearby. The staircase moves to dodge the onslaught and tells the bros to keep going. You’ll have to stop for some more evasive maneuvers.
At the castle door, Iggy’s surprised the bros made it. He leaves to spread the word.

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