Friday, April 3, 2015

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker -- Episode 3-28. Wingo's Whackdown

Wingo once again has Toadette. He'll flap his wings to create gusts of wind to blow Captain Toad away. Climb the ladder and you'll find some invisible coins in the corner. Walk up the ramp. When Wingo moves the crates with the ladder, go down the ramp to the two piles of coins. There's an invisible Gold Mushroom there, but you may need to wait until Wingo moves to get it. Climb up the ladder and you'll find some spikes and Piranha Sprouts. Keep climbing to the top. Let Wingo move the large set of crates over the spikes so you can get the first gem through the gap in the crates. Run over the crates, get the coins, and launch from the clear pipe cannon.

You'll land near the Toad Brigade. Blue Toad has a Mushroom for you. Go up the ladder, where Wingo's waiting for you. There are a couple of turnips near the wall. There's a tall stack of crates with a ladder. Also in the area are three Piranha Sprouts and lots of coins. When Wingo's not flapping his wings, climb to the top of the ladder, then drop down to where the Piranha Sprouts are to get the coins and get rid of the them. Climb back up the ladder and run over to the gear. Spin it to rotate part of the central tower. Be sure to grab the large pile of coins as well as go to the empty ledge opposite the gear. There's an invisible Gold Mushroom here. Let Wingo move the crates with the ladder so you can get the second gem, then spin the gear so that no air can reach the crates with the ladder. Climb the tall ladder. Get rid of the Piranha Sprout on the ground, then climb the nearby ladder. Carefully cross to the crate, then let Wingo move it. Get rid of the Piranha Sprout up here. Use the crates to reach the Mushroom, then cross the larger set of crates to the other side of the wall. Use the crates to cross the gap to the third gem. Drop down and run for the clear pipe cannon.

The cannon launches you to Wingo's pile of treasure. This time, Wingo summons lightning, which destroys the barriers around the tower. Wingo's attacks are the same as before. After two hits with the turnips, Toadette will throw a Mushroom or a 1-up to you. After the third hit with the turnip, Wingo eats it and falls. Toadette and the Star fly up and land in the treasure. Pull her out of the treasure and grab the Star.

Special Challenge: Collect 220 coins.

After Toadette and Captain Toad get the Star, they hop in the mine cart while the credits roll. At the end, Captain Toad spies a Green Star shooting across the sky and he takes off after it, leaving Toadette behind. This leads to the start of Super Mario 3D World, where Captain Toad follows after Mario and company into the Sprixie Kingdom. This also unlocks the Bonus Episode, if you haven't already unlocked it, and a new page in it.

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