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Nintendo Direct 4/1/15

Happy April Fools Day! Let's see what Nintendo has to say.

Super Smash Bros.- Mewtwo will soon be available as a download starting April 28. You can purchase it for one version for $3.99 or for both versions for $4.99 if you didn't register both version of the game. If you did, it will be available April 15. It can Mega Evolve. It will also be available with an update which includes downloadable content, adjusted character balance, and the ability to share Mii Fighters, replays, custom stages, and photos on the Wii U version. Mii Fighters will get costumes, some of which are inspired by certain games, including Legend of Zelda and Mega Man. Lucas will also be a playable character via downloadable content, likely in June. At, a Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot, you can put in your vote for a new character to be added to the roster or future rosters. As for Amiibo, here are the next waves: May 29- Charizard, Pac-Man, Wario, Jigglypuff, Ness, Greninja, Lucina, and Robin. In July, Dark Pit and Palutena. In September, Bowser Jr., Dr. Mario, Captain Olimar, Zero-Suit Samus, and Ganondorf. Amiibo for Mewtwo and Lucas will be released in the future.

Amiibo Tap: Nintendo's Greatest Bits- This is a free downloadable title that allows you to tap Amiibo to the GamePad to view highlights from certain games. The highlights are 3 minutes long. Tap the same Amiibo again to switch scenes in the game. The title associated with a particular Amiibo is randomly generated the first time you tap that Amiibo. There are many classic games to sample. -Spring 2015 Wii U eShop

Mario Maker- This game allows you to design Mario levels by dragging characters and features onto the screen. You can switch between four modes: the original Super Mario Bros., Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros. 3, and New Super Mario Bros. You can upload your creations for the rest of the world to see. 2015 marks Mario's 30th anniversary. - September Wii U

Yoshi's Wooly World- This action game takes place in a wool world. There are two modes: Classic Mode and Mellow Mode. Classic Mode plays more like traditional Yoshi games, while Mellow Mode makes things easier with you controlling Winged Yoshi. You can switch between modes at any time. This game will have its own Amiibo that are made of wool. They come in three colors- green, pink, and blue. Tapping them will allow you to play with two Yoshis. Turn your new ally into a yarn ball to throw at enemies, which you can also do in multiplayer. -Wii U Fall 2015

Splatoon- Two more modes have been announced. Ranked Battle is an online mode, like Turf Wars, but with rankings and different rules. In Splat Zones, you'll fight over a designated part of the map. In the Battle Dojo, you and another player will battle against each other: one on the GamePad and the other on the TV. The goal is to pop more balloons than your opponent. Inkling Amiibo will be available at launch. The Amiibo will unlock special missions specific to the Amiibo. Completing challenges will unlock exclusive gear. They will come in a triple pack of an Inkling Boy, Girl, and Squid or the Inkling Boy and Girl can be purchased separately. -Wii U May 29

Wii U Virtual Console- Nintendo is adding N64 and Nintendo DS games to the Virtual Console. For the DS games, you'll have many options to choose from in terms of screen layouts. For the N64, you can choose your control scheme. The GamePad will rumble with games that are Rumble Pak compatible. N64 games will typically cost $9.99-11.99, unless you transferred the game from the Wii, which will cost $2 each. Nintendo DS games will typically cost $6.99-$9.99. Yoshi's Island DS and Super Mario 64 are available now for $9.99 each. On April 9, Yoshi Touch & Go and Wario Ware: Touched! will be available for $9.99 each. Also for $9.99 each, you can get Donkey Kong 64 on April 16, Mario Kart DS on April 23, and Paper Mario on April 30.

Adventures of Pip- This game features Pip, a single pixel that can absorb the pixels of enemies he defeats to transform into three forms. Save villagers to open new shops and defeat the Skeleton Queen. -Wii U eShop May 2015

Octodad: Dadliest Catch- Octodad is an octopus trying to remain disguised as a human. He must remain undercover, which is difficult as your tentacles are unwieldly. There's a four-player co-op mode where each player controls a tentacle. -Wii U eShop Summer 2015

Mutant Mudds: Super Challenge- There are over 40 new levels, which have you switching between the foreground and the background. Buy it for one console and you can download it on the other for free. There's a loyalty discount for those with the original Mutant Mudds game. -Wii U and 3DS eShop June 2015

Don't Starve: Giant Edition- Survive in a wilderness of danger, science, and magic by farming, hunting, and crafting. The worlds are randomly generated and permadeath is a feature. Buy one copy and get a free download code to share with a friend. -Wii U May 2015

Other indie titles coming to the eShop include:
Wii U: forma.8, Affordable Space Adventures, STARWHAL, Never Alone, Ninja Pizza Girl, Antipole DX, Life of Pixel, BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition, Slain!, Runbow, Back to Bed, Space Hulk, Race the Sun, Dot Arcade, Swords & Soldiers II, Toto Temple Deluxe, The Bridge, Shutshimi, Nova-111, Windup Knight 2
3DS: Dementium: Remastered, Antipole DX, DOOORS, Lionel City Builder 3D: Rise of the Rails, Shutshimi

Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem- The characters have an everyday life mixed with a secret life o f fantasy.

Fatal Frame- This game features three playable characters, each with their own story line. It takes place at a tourist attraction called Mt. Hikami. Use the GamePad as your camera to investigate areas and fend off enemies in bursts of action. -Wii U 2015

Box Boy!- There are over 150 levels of puzzles to solve as Box Boy, who can duplicate his blocky body to move around and hang onto ledges. You can unlock costumes as you go. -3DS eShop April 2

Pokémon Rumble World- This free downloadable title features Pokémon from Red, Blue, and Yellow through Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Some of them can Mega Evolve. Attack using the (A) button. Defeat other toy Pokémon to add them to your collection. You'll travel via hot-air balloon. The type of balloon determines where you can go. Use Poke Diamonds to reach more distant lands. Get Poke Diamonds by clearing stages, StreetPass, or eShop funds. -3DS eShop April 8

Puzzle & Dragons Z and Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Edition- Both games come in a single package. In the Super Mario Edition, Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach. Mario and Luigi must save her by creating the ideal team of Bowser's own minions. Match 3+ elemental orbs to launch attacks on your enemies. Team leaders have passive skills that are used automatically, while teammates have their own skills. You can select them after a certain number of turns. Teammates can also transform, which increases their power. In Puzzle & Dragon Z, you'll join the Rangers, a group that researches dragons. There are over 250 monsters that can become your team leader. Collect chips from defeated monsters to make your monster evolve. -3DS May 22

Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains- Play as an elite member of the Scout Regiment to bring down a Titan alone or with friends using local or online co-op. The multiplayer modes have rankings and leaderboards. Use the C-Stick on the New Nintendo 3DS for smoother camera control. On the eShop, you'll find the first two episodes of the Attack on Titan anime. -3DS eShop May 2015

Codename S.T.E.A.M.- More Marth Amiibo will be available so you can add Marth as a playable character. There is also an update that allows you to press a button to fast-forward through enemy turns. April 1-5, there will a Hijinks tournament, named in honor of Tom Sawyer. Compete in head-to-head matches to get the best ranking. More tournaments will be available in the future. Top players will get titles added to their names, which will be visible online.

StreetPass Mii Plaza- There will be two new games added to the lineup. In Ultimate Angler, receive bait from Mii characters and catch various fish on different islands. Choose the perfect bait for the fish you want to catch, then reel it in. There are over 150 fish and several legendary monsters. In Battleground Z, you'll get items related to the hobbies of the Miis you StreetPass. Use them to beat zombies in Hobbiville. Save the citizens of Hobbiville with many different makeshift weapons. StreetPass Mii Plaza Premium is a paid service that adds new features, such as birthdays, so you can fill in your calendar. You can also store up to 100 Miis in the new VIP room. The update will be available April 16. These features can be purchased individually for $4.99 each or both games for $7.99.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D- The same great game from the Wii will now be on the New Nintendo 3DS. In Collections Mode, you can view 3D character models and listen to the entire soundtrack, even with the system closed if you plug in headphones. -April 10

Fire Emblem- The character you create is the main character. Two kingdoms are on the verge of war, Hoshido and Nohr. A royal Hosido child is raised by the royal family of Nohr. You choose which side you'll fight for, but can only choose one. This decides your character's fate. The Hoshido side plays more traditionally, but the Nohr side will have you revolutionizing the kingdom from the inside out. -3DS 2016

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designers- Decorate and design homes for other animals, without doing chores. The Animal Crossing cards act as Amiibo. Scan in the card to design a house for that character. Scan other cards to invite other animals into the house, have a party, and take pictures. A reader/writer accessory launching the same day will allow you to scan Amiibo cards to 3DS and 2DS consoles. -3DS Fall 2015

Mario Kart 8- The new Downloadable Content Pak 2 will feature an Animal Crossing course featuring the Villager, Isabelle, and Dry Bowser. The seasons will change each time you race. It will be available April 28, instead of May. More Mii character suits will become available via the following Amiibo: Mega Man, Pac-Man, Sonic, Toad, Wario, Villager, Rosalina, Bowser, and Captain Olimar. There will be a new engine class: 200 cc. With more speed, more skill is required and better braking skill is needed. This will be a free update on April 23.

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