Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker -- Episode Bonus-5. Toad Brigade to Mushroom Mesa!

You need 160 gems to unlock this level.

Captain Toad and the rest of the Toad Brigade are here, but they were separated. As Captain Toad, you must round up the Toad Brigade, then get the Star. Captain Toad can take damage, but you'll lose a life if any of the Toad Brigade members take damage. Next to you is a hidden Gold Mushroom. Blue Toad is just ahead, at the corner. Both Toads will wave to each other and Blue Toad will start following you. Grab as many coins as you can, which includes defeating enemies. Go into the tunnels in the rock, using the left arch. Follow the path down into the corner to find Yellow Toad. Stand in the touchstone after circling around so all Toads fit, then raise it. Go past the Shy Guys and drop under the rock near the touchstones. Manipulate the touchstones so you can go underground to find Green Toad. Carefully go over to the rock where the Flaptors are and quickly grab as many coins as you can from the plant. Go up to the top of the touchstones, then use the elevator for four to reach the Star.

Special Challenge: Collect 90 coins.

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