Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker -- Episode Bonus-11. Mummy-Me and Pyropuff Peak

You'll need 185 gems to unlock this level.

Toadette finds herself Draggadon's cave. There are invisible coins along the wall near where you start. Once again, you'll want to grab as many coins as you can while dodging Draggadon's flames and Mummy-Me. This means you'll have to keep moving behind anything you can use as a shield. If the area behind the shield is narrow, hug the walls as much as possible so you don't run into Mummy-Me. There are many coins in front of the moving ladder. Keep climbing up and down the ladder to avoid taking damage. If you do, pull the nearby plant a couple of times, then run away, then come back for the Mushroom. Mummy-Me will disappear when you start climbing the ladder to the Star. It will reappear when you land on Draggadon's nose, so don't dawdle in getting the Star.

Special Challenge: Collect 170 coins.

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