Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Super Mario Bros.: 4-A

To unlock this level, you need 5 Star Coins. There is purple water in this level. To help us get around, there are vines to swing on and platforms that function like a paddle wheel. We've seen them before in World 3, but we have to be careful not to touch the purple water. There are two of them before the midpoint. Making life difficult are Paratroopas. The first Star Coin is between a red and a green Paratroopa. Nearby is a vine. Bounce off the first green Paratroopa after the first Star Coin to the vine above to reach a pipe. There, you will find Koopas trapped in brick blocks with the second Star Coin. There is a P-Switch that will turn the brick blocks into coins so you can reach it and get coins. The pipe at the end will return you to the main level. This part has Piranha Plants in it. There is a set of three pipes: green, yellow, green. Enter the first green pipe to reach the third Star Coin. To reach the flagpole, take the vine at the end to the pipe, then another vine to the platform in front of the flagpole. This will open a path to the Ghost House.

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