Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Super Mario Bros.: 4-Castle

It's time for another castle! This one has pendulums with platforms with Dry Bones that we can walk on. The pendulums will get very close to each other, so just wait instead of just jumping whenever. If you run up the third pendulum, using it as a ramp, you can reach the first Star Coin. Next are a few large Thwomps. The first one is over the second Star Coin, which is under some stone blocks. Approach the Thwomp to make it drop down and crush each row of blocks. Then drop down to get it. Then run under a series of Thwomps to reach the midpoint. From here until the boss door are pendulums. Under the first from the midpoint is the third Star Coin, so drop down to get it. The boss is a giant Goomba. You can use fireballs or hit the ? Switch to make green springing platforms appear for a limited time. The platforms will rise up to the level of the top of the Goomba when you stand on them. The ? Switch will still be available after the platforms disappear, so you can get the platforms any time. Ground pound the giant Goomba three times to defeat it. Bowser Jr. takes Princess Peach off to the fort of World 5.

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