Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Super Mario Bros.: 5-Fort

This level is an automatic sidescroller. We start on a platform that slowly rises. There are Dry Bones on the platform, so just stomp on them to stop them temporarily or dodge them. The first Star Coin will be on the right side, so look out for it. After a while, spike balls will roll in. They'll get rid of the Dry Bones, but still make your life difficult. Keep dodging them and get the second Star Coin in the middle. Soon, a large spike ball will roll in and destroy the smaller spike balls. This will be in your way for a while. The third Star Coin is on the right, over some bricks, and you should stay on the right side of the screen because the path will be split by a wall. The large spike ball will be trapped on the left side for a while. When you see brick blocks in the center wall, get up as high as possible as the large spike ball will break through the brick blocks and exit the stage on the right side. At the top is the boss door. We have to deal with Bowser Jr. without his mask on an icy surface. Use fireballs or jump on him to defeat him. Once again, he runs off with Peach to the castle.

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