Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Super Mario Bros.: 5-Castle

It's time to deal with another castle. As seen on the Touch Screen map when outside the castle, the path forks, like it did in World 2. The castle contains lots of conveyor belts, most of which will try to drop you into the void or into the path of enemies, such as Dry Bones and Piranha Plants. If there is a Dry Bones walking on a conveyor belt, stomping will typically get rid of it because its body will be pushed into the void. Where there isn't a conveyor belt, there's ice. The first Star Coin is on an icy platform below some conveyor belts. Get there quickly as there is a Piranha Plant that will land nearby. Some more conveyor belts will lead to a long conveyor belt with an infinite stream of a spring, a couple of Dry Bones, and a giant Dry Bone. Near the ceiling is the second Star Coin. Bounce off the spring or the giant Dry Bones to reach it. After a few more conveyor belts and giant Piranha Plants, you'll end up on solid ice. Near the boss door, you find an item block directly below a gap in the ceiling. There are a Dry Bones and a giant Dry Bones in the area. You'll want to jump on the block (which is easier as Mini Mario) and wall jump up, then run over the ceiling. You'll go past the boss door and drop down to where the third Star Coin is. It's to the left of the boss door. Going through the boss door, we'll find Petey Piranha. He'll fly around the room, then angle his body and try to land on you. He'll fall down with his belly up, so stomp it or ground pound it if you're Mini Mario. Do this three times for victory. Mario will get the key and Bowser will take off with Peach, to World 6 if you're not Mini Mario or World 7 if you are. We're going to World 6 first.

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