Thursday, March 24, 2011

Big Boo's Haunt - Seek the 8 Red Coins

We have to find the 8 Red Coins hidden in the house. One of the Red Coins is in the 1st door on the left, in the room with the piano. I was attacked by the piano, but recovered with the Red Coin. Through the next door, we find 2 more Red Coins on the bookshelves. I took a hit from Mr. I and went through the 4th door. I fell off the bridge many times and took some hits from a Boo, so I got another coin in through the 5th door. I fell and came back. I went to the 2nd floor and found a Red Coin through the 3rd door on the left on the edge of the grating and fell to the 1st floor. On the 2nd floor throught the 4th door are 6 coffins. The coffins lift up, revealing 2 Red Coins under the closest coffin on the right and the middle coffin on the left. The last Red Coin is through the 5th door, around the corner, at the edge of the tilting floor. The Star appears on the 2nd floor on the left side.
Star Get #36, 16 Coins, 6 Lives
Nintendo DS
We need to be Mario to get this Star. Seven of the Red Coins are in the same location as in the N64 version. The coin under the middle left coffin is now floating high above the foyer. After we get the Red Coin near the tilting floor, we exit through the nearby door and find an item block which gives us a Power Flower. We float up to the Red Coin to get it, and float over to the Star, which is in the same place as in the N64.
Star Get #42, 21 Coins, 4 Lives
The next Star is Big Boo's Balcony.

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