Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada - Sinking the Airships

Welcome to the Galaxy!
We land on the bridge to an Airship, while a remix of the Airship music plays. We are knocked off by a rock from a pink Octoomba.
Take 2- We reach the Airship and hop into the cannon. While in the cannon, we see a planet with Goombas on it, so we blast off there. It's a small planet, so the Goombas look large here. We combo stomp all of the Goombas for a 1-up and sling to the next Airship. We take a hit from lasers and kill the Magikoopa. After hopping in the nearby cannon, we aim for the flagpole on the next Airship. We find Red Toad on board, who says, "Mario! You finally made it! I was starting to worry. You're final.y here... O-oh, man..." We buy a Life Shroom and take the bridge with the Mandibug to a wooden platform with a switch. Spinning the switch makes the platform move, following the dots in front of it. We get a 1-up on the way and we have to dodge bombs and dangling spiders. At the end of the path is a bridge to another Airship.
We sling to the deck and Bowser Jr. appears on an Airship with Bowser's head as the masthead. Bowser Jr. says, "Hee hee hee hee! You just don't give up! Fine, then, I guess I'll just whup you myself! You want this Grand Star so bad? You're gonna have to take it from me!" The battle starts up with Jr.'s music playing. Green Koopas will appear from the sides. We spin and pick up their shells and throw them at Jr.'s Airship for hits. The cannons on his ship will fire at us. After a couple of hits, Magikoopas will appear on our ship. After three hits, Jr. turns the ship so the masthead is facing us, giving us less surface area to hit. The masthead fires large fireballs that will take out the Koopas. We get in two more hits and his Airship explodes as Jr. wails. The Grand Star appears.
Star Get #43, Galaxy Complete!, 12 Coins, 2048 Star Bits, 11 Lives

The Grand Star flies into the beacon, turning it a light blue and the Bedroom Dome opens. We've discovered 5 new galaxies here. Rosalina says, "Thanks to you and
your friends, all of the
domes on the
lower level are working again. Once the
Engine Room on the
upper level has power, the whole
Observatory will be working. Then the
Comet Observatory will fly as a
starship once again. And you will be able to fly to your
special one in the
center of the universe...

After taking damage from a pink Octoomba, we launch from the cannon and get the 1-up from the Goomba planet. We launch from the next cannon and buy a Life Shroom. We activate the platform to the battle Airship, battle Bowser Jr. and get the Grand Star.
Star Get #43, Galaxy Complete!, 10 Coins, 2356 Star Bits, 18 Lives

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