Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Super Mario 3D World: 1- Toad -- Captain Toad Goes Forth

Time for adventure! This is the first of the Captain Toad stages, where Captain Toad will collect the Green Stars in an area. Captain Toad can't jump, which makes the areas into puzzles you have to solve. You can fully manipulate the camera here, so use it to your advantage.

In this area, there are five Green Stars for the fearless Captain to collect. One is on a low level near where you start. Walk up the ramp and use the yellow platforms to cross the gap for the Green Star next to the tower. Ride the yellow platform to the other side of the tower and get off there. Walk up the ramp and you'll see two holes in the wall. Go through the hole on the left to reach another Green Star. Go back, then go through the right hole. Avoid the enemies and walk up to the fan. Blow on the fan to raise the platform to the top. There are more enemies circling the fourth Green Star. Get the star through the gap, then walk across the narrow platform to reach the fifth Green Star. Completing this mission adds five Green Stars to your total.

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