Sunday, January 19, 2014

Super Mario 3D World: 2-4 -- Really Rolling Hills

This level was one of the E3 demo stages. You'll want to be playing as Mario. There are several rolling hills here. Jump on the triple item block for an invisible block with a Super Bell. Take the first clear pipe, then run up the wall for the first Green Star. Drop down, then walk towards the screen to find a switch with an "M" on it. Have Mario stand on it to make the stamp appear. Keep going and you'll find several rolling hills. Under one of them is a 1-up. On top of the walls on each side are many coins. There's a Red Coin Ring near the hills. Past it is the midpoint.

Go through the pipe on the right, which takes you underground. Go up a pipe to find another pipe. The pipe leads to a room with Goombas, a baseball, and many tiles. Step on the tiles to make them change color. The Goombas will help and you can use the Touch Screen as well. Once all are a different color, the music changes to the original Super Mario Bros. theme and the second Green Star appears. Return to the cave, then drop down when you come across some spinning wheels. The third Green Star is here. The pipe will take you to the pipe to the flagpole.

The stamp is of small Mario running.

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