Thursday, January 16, 2014

Super Mario 3D World: 2-1 -- Conkdor Canyon

This desert level is filled with Conkdors, birds with long necks and spiky shells on their backs. When you approach, they will try to stab you with their beaks. Stomp on their heads or use your claws to defeat them. There are a couple of moving platforms under a triple item block. It has a Super Bell. Below are some bees. Climb up the wall behind the triple item block for the first Green Star. Keep going and you'll see another high wall. At the top is a pipe to an area with a coin switch. Hit it and coins will rain into the gap. Either jump across the gap or hang onto the walls in the gap with your claws to collect the coins. Return using the pipe.

Back outside, you'll find a Red Coin Ring where the Red Coins will appear in a circle surrounding a Conkdor, over some quicksand. Ahead, run quickly past the line of Conkdors to reach the midpoint. Past that is a moving bridge, a random item block, and a narrow path lined with Conkdors. Be careful. At the end, you'll find a Conkdor with some gray bricks. Its beak can break the bricks, so have it break the brick to the northeast for the second Green Star. Climb up the nearby falling sand for a clock and a Coin Block. Drop back down and you'll see the stamp in front of another moving bridge. Keep going to the right and you'll see Captain Toad being chased by a Conkdor. Defeat the Conkdor and Captain Toad will give you a Green Star. Carefully cross the moving bridge to reach the flagpole.

The stamp is of jumping Mario.

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