Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon -- Treacherous Mansion - E-5 Paranormal Chaos

After our battle with Big Boo, there's a new radical signal on the Parascope. Gadd says it's a distortion of the fabric of our dimension. There's a paranormal portal on the Terrace. Gadd thinks the Dark Moon piece might be beyond it. Mario and King Boo should be there, as well. It's a dangerous task, but we must do it.

Inner Courtyard
We land in the Inner Courtyard. Spin the staircase so you can reach the door in the back, near the pixelator screen.

King Boo is here. He uses the gem on his crown to open the portal and goes through it. Lots of strong ghosts fly out of the portal. This is probably how the infestations happen. Gadd says the portal will have to wait as we deal with these ghosts, or our dimension could collapse on itself. It starts storming. Check your map for locations of ghosts. Use E-Gates to move quickly.

Nautical Exhibit
Slammers are here, both strong and regular varieties.

Space Exhibit
Strong Greenies are here, some with shields.

Aviation Exhibit
Restore the hot air balloon to make MaraBoo appear. MaraBoo has 40 HP.

Ice Age Exhibit
Strong Sneakers are here.

Dark Age Exhibit
Strong Greenies with swords and shields.

Ancient Exhibit
Mummies and Strong Greenies whipping up twisters. After a while, Gadd will call, saying the dimension is reaching its paranormal limit. A timer will tell you how much time you have left. The timer will stop if you catch some ghosts to bring the level much lower than the limit.

Jungle Exhibit
Strong Gobber.


Strong Hiders

Once you've taken care of all the above ghosts, Gadd calls, saying there are high paranormal readings in the Terrace again.

More ghosts are coming through the portal. Catch as many as you can, especially if you can get multiple ghosts at a time. Prepare for an absolute onslaught of ghosts. Gadd may tell you the paranormal level is getting too high. Once you're done, Gadd calls, saying we're an artist at ghost-catching. He returns us to the Bunker.

Clear Time: 13:58
Ghosts Captured: 52
Health Lost: 309
Treasure: 2084
Silver Rank

King Boo sent the ghosts to stop us after we defeated Big Boo. The portal is still open, so we can reach him. We'll have to hurry before he closes it.

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