Sunday, February 8, 2015

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker -- 10. The King of Pyropuff Peak

You need 12 gems to unlock this level. At this point, I have 27. Captain Toad is in a cave with a large pool of lava in the center. Walk around and a large, fire-breathing dragon will appear. It's name is Draggadon. His fiery breath spreads out in an arc. Use the walls along the rock path and metal plates as shields. The first gem is in front of a shield, so go after it after Draggadon breathes fire, then run for cover. You'll go up a ladder, and the lava rises, as well as Draggadon, so he can aim for you. Go past the next ladder and you'll find another one behind the rock formation that moves. Climb onto it and it will take you to some coins and the second gem. Go up the other ladder and you'll find a plant with a Super Shroom, as well as a row of four plants. The last plant has the third gem, so time your movements carefully. Go up the next ladder, which has a moving shield. At the top is a rock formation shielding a single plant that will give you ten coins. It will also show you the Star on the other side of the cave. Just past this point, the path starts to fall apart and fireballs drop down, leaving temporary pools of lava. Navigate the narrow paths carefully. You'll find another plant with ten coins ahead, as well as a very tall ladder that leads to the Star. As you climb it, the rock it is up against breaks apart and everything falls over onto Draggadon's head, leaving a large bump. Captain Toad lands on the bump and the Star lands on Draggadon's nose. Walk to the Star to get it.

Special Challenge: Collect 45 coins.

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