Monday, February 16, 2015

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker -- 18. Wingo's Watch Tower

Captain Toad has finally tracked down Wingo, the giant bird that stole the Star in the beginning and took Toadette along with it. She's still clinging onto Wingo. Wingo will teleport around his tower and flap his wings, creating huge gusts of wind that can push you off the area and move some crates. There's a handle to the right which contains a lot of coins. Go around the corner and you'll find a handle with the first gem. Go around the corner again and there's a handle that will allow you to reach some plants, which have coins. Collect as many as you can. The handle in the corner allows you to reach the next level of the tower. Go up and around and you'll find the second gem. There's a handle near an area where you can drop down. The handle allows you to reach the next level. There are some moving crates here, so wait for Wingo's gusts to move the crates where you need them to be. Keep climbing and you'll see some stacked crates with ladders on each side. Let Wingo move the crates so you can reach a higher level outside the tower. The third gem is here. Wingo will move the crates again so you can reach a doorway that's high up. It leads to a tall ladder and a pipe cannon, which launches you through the clouds.

You'll land at the top of the tower, on a pile of treasure. Wingo will make giant turnips appear and fall on the tower. Keep moving to avoid them. Pick them up and throw them at Wingo. He may teleport, so trying to hit him when he summons more turnips, as he'll hold still and not try to blow you away. After two hits, Toadette will throw you a Mushroom or a 1-up Mushroom, depending on your health. After the third hit, the turnip will end up in Wingo's mouth. He'll swallow it and drop out of the sky. Toadette and the Star will fly up, then land in the treasure, getting stuck in the process. Pull Toadette out to free her and the Star.

After a little dance, the two adventurers take a mine cart back home while the credits roll. Afterwards, the book closes. You'll get the message: Episode 2 is now open!

Special Challenge: Collect 70 coins.
You'll have to grab every coin in the level.

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