Sunday, February 1, 2015

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker -- 3. Touchstone Trouble

Captain Toad finds himself on some touchstones, platforms that move when you touch them on the GamePad. There's a pink one and a blue one. You'll start on the blue platform. Touch it to raise it and drop down onto the pink touchstone and touch it to make it slide over, revealing a doorway to the first gem. Go back through the doorway and touch the blue touchstone to make it lower. Cross over to the blue touchstone on the other side of the wall. Move the pink touchstone so you can enter the doorway. Ignore the plant for now. Touch the blue touchstone and leave the doorway. You'll be on a lower level of the blue touchstone, where the second gem is. Move the touchstones back so you can reach the plant. Pick it to get a key. Move the pink touchstone so you can reach the ramp leading to the blue touchstone. Drop down there and move under the Star to find a locked door. Use the key to unlock it to find the third gem. Walk back up the ramp and go to where the plant was, move the blue touchstone so that the area where the plant was is level with the top of the pink touchstone. Cross over from the blue touchstone to the pink touchstone, then touch the blue touchstone to form a ramp to the Star.

Special Challenge: Clear the stage in three touches.
To do so, you will not be able to collect the gems. Raise the blue touchstone and cross to the pink touchstone on a diagonal. Lower the blue touchstone, then shift the pink touchstone to form the ramp to the Star.

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