Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker -- 6. Shy Guy Heights

Captain Toad finds himself in a hedge maze full of Shy Guys. The red ones will patrol in a set path and the blue ones will spin around. You'll want to avoid their detection or they'll chase after you. Defeating them is fine as long as they don't see you. Go up the ladder, past the first Shy Guy, then down the ladder. Climb the tall ladder and walk over the hedges, then drop down to get the first gem. There's another Shy Guy patrolling this area. Wait until it passes to drop down. Climb the nearby tall ladder and cross over the hedges to the gear. You'll want to spin it so you can reach the area in the middle, but still cross to the other side. Sneak past the blue Shy Guy to reach the bridge with the Flaptors. There are coins and a Mushroom in the middle. On the other side, avoid another patrolling Shy Guy. On the other side of the building are some Flaptors and plants. One of the plants has a pickax. Use it to break the bricks on the building so you can go inside. There are some coins inside, as well as Blue Toad, who'll give you the second gem. Go up the ladder to where two Shy Guys are patrolling around a couple of Shy Guy hedges. Go up the ladders and into the building. You'll find the third gem inside. Climb up the ladders and avoid the Shy Guys to get the Star.

Special Challenge. Slip past all Shy Guys.

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