Friday, February 20, 2015

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker -- Episode 2-4. Sinister Street Signs

Toadette finds herself on the roof of a building. There are signs floating in the air. Approach the edge of the roof and you'll see the footlights appear. The first gem is by a sign. Walk to the other roof and hit the P-Switch to make a cage with the second gem. Walk around to get it. Follow the footlight around to the floating P-Switch. This will turn the footlight into a slide to the Star. Before you get the Star, drop down to the ground. When you do, Mud Troopers will appear and slowly chase you. You can shine your flashlight on them to make them temporarily disappear, but you can also lure the Chargin' Chucks around to clear them out. Have the Chargin Chucks break the brick blocks so you can reach the Star. Walk around the building you started on to find a ramp back up to the roof. Follow the footlight again and slide to reach the Star.

Special Challenge: Defeat all Mud Troopers.

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