Saturday, February 28, 2015

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker -- Episode 2-12. Up 'n' Down Terrace

Toadette starts on the third floor of a gazebo. The Star is on the second floor, but there's no direct way to reach the second floor. Drop down from any side to the terrace, where you'll find white and brown fences, as well as those Piranha Sprouts, that spit rocks at you. The fences will form a maze with the hedges and allow you to reach some places. Hitting the P-Switch will determine whether the white or brown fences are up. If you climb the ladder onto one of the hedges, you'll find the second gem. The first gem is in one of the corners. The third gem is in a gap between two hedges. Pick up a Piranha Sprout on a hedge and carry it, then toss it at the gem to get it. There's a door at the front of the gazebo. With the brown hedges up, walk across the hedge in front of the door and hit the P-Switch nearby to raise the white fences. When the white fences raised, the door to the gazebo opens. Drop down between the two white fences near the door and walk through the door, then go up the ladder to the Star.

Special Challenge: Clear the course using switches three times.
To do this, hit the P-Switch to raise the white fences. While on the ground, go near the gazebo's door and hit the P-Switch in the corner to raise the brown fences. Climb the ladder and hit the P-Switch on the hedges to raise the white fences. Drop between the white fences near the gazebo's door and go inside the gazebo for the Star.

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