Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker -- Episode 2-1. Chute Scoot Slope

Episode 2 starts out like Episode 1. Walk up to Toadette and walk to the Star with her. A feather will appear and Wingo takes the Star. This time, Captain Toad holds onto the Star, leaving Toadette to save him.

This course is full of slides. Climb up the ladder to the first slide and spin the gear while avoiding the Flaptor. You can slide behind the level to a Chargin' Chuck with some coins. Climb up the ladder, then spin the gear so the slide leads to another slide. Go back down the ladder and down the short red slide. Go past the Flaptor and around the corner, where you'll find the first gem in an alcove. Go back to the slide with the gear and slide down to the second gem, then slide down the rest of the slide. There's a Chargin' Chuck at the bottom of the slide and some bricks. There's a plant with a Mushroom surrounded by the bricks, which the Chargin' Chuck can break. Go up the ladder, past a Shy Guy, then up another ladder and cross the yellow bridge. There's a yellow slide on the other side with coins under it. Slide down the yellow slide and stay on the left side for the third gem. At the bottom of the slide is the Star and a Chargin' Chuck.

Special Challenge: Collect the Gold Mushroom.
The Gold Mushroom is on one of the dirt walls near the Star. To reach it, stand on the wooden planks by the ladder of the yellow slide and drop down.

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