Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker -- 12. Briny Bowl Swimming Hole

Captain Toad is underwater, where a lot of Cheep-Cheep are. Where the two Cheep-Cheep are swimming back and forth, you'll find a row of three plants. One of them has the first gem. The second gem is near the center, but you can't reach it yet. In the middle of the ring of Cheep-Cheep is a plant with 10 coins. If you go through the gold pipe, you'll get coins. If you go through the blue pipe, you'll reach the surface. The third gem is in the middle of the water. Avoid the Flaptors and go up the stairs leading toward the third gem. The stairs will drop away. Drop down into the water onto the crate with the handle. Pull the handle to make it float to the surface. Use it to reach the third gem, then drop into the water. Below where the crate used to be is a glowing spot with a Gold Mushroom. Use the stairs to reach the second gem. Go back up to the surf

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