Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team -- Part 20: The Mattress of the Hinterlands

The bros obtained the Mushrise Tree Board from Boss Brickle and saved the remaining Pi’illos in Mushrise Park. Another part of the Ultibed is in the Dozing Sands. A Shelltop says that Britta has a new job that’s not going well. Go east of the Dreampoint. There’s a camera block here. Go east to find Britta. The Shelltops working for her are trying to break a rock wall with hammers and think it’s impossible to break through. She suggests going over the wall, then tells them to go work elsewhere. She doesn’t like the dead end they’ve hit and she senses treasure on the other side. She leaves to work elsewhere. Ball Hop over the wall.

There are Bandits in the area. On the field, they’ll throw smoke bombs so they can sneak up on the bros. They’ll run into the bros and steal coins. Jump to dodge or counter. They’ll also create a decoy bomb for the bros. Do not counter with the hammer until the actual Bandit is in front of you. Defeat them before they can run away. Any coins they stole will be returned upon defeat. In the northeast corner is a pillow. Go east. Activate the warp pipe. Jump on the ledge west of the tube and Side Drill into the tube. The tube will raise and lower. When you’re three levels higher, fire to reach the green pipe. Take the pipe underground.

There’s another elevating tube here. Use the second level to reach. Use the third level to reach the ledge that leads to the Save Block. There’s a pillow here as well. Save, then go east. Starlow notices a shiny rock ahead. It’s a stalactite of a mysterious color. Dreambert says it’s a rare mineral called Dozing Ore. Water leaks into the ore and is distilled. The drops that leak out are called Dozing Drops. When the Dozing Drops solidify, they become the Dozing Mattress, a part of the Ultibed. This means it’s likely below the stalactite. Either drop down or take the pipe to the lower level of the area. There’s a new type of tube here. Use (B) repeatedly to elevate the tube to the correct level and keep it there when the timer runs out. It will fire when the timer runs out.

Below the stalactite, there’s a Dreampoint. There’s a log underneath the Stalactite that doesn’t look like a mattress. Dreambert says it must be around here somewhere. Mario notices it’s a Dreampoint and Starlow says something may be off in the dream world. In the dream world, Dozing Drops are dripping down. The ground is far below where Mario lands, so he ends up stuck in the sand. The bros look up to where the Dozing Drops drip and see the Dozing Mattress. That was easy. Too easy. But the portal’s way out of reach. Go down the pipe.

Here, I found the Gold Beanie. It will repeatedly ram Mario. Counter with the hammer. Do not use Luiginary Attacks, as they have no effect. The Gold Beanie will chase Mario, along with other Beanies. It will hide behind Beanies as they rush towards Mario. Try to stop the Beanie the Gold Beanie is hiding behind. It will run around in circles to attack Mario. Jump to dodge or counter. Beware when it trips on a rock, as that will adjust the timing needed to dodge and counter. Jumping is the best attack. This is a strong enemy and the battle will take a while. After several rounds, it will run away, so make every attack and counter count.

Ahead is a gravity Luiginary Work. Have Mario walk on the ceiling to reach the pipe. Go through the east pipe. Hit the Red Coin Block and walk on the ceiling to get the Red Coins. Collecting all eight will make an orange ! Block appear. This will make a pipe accessible. The pipe will take you higher in the previous area, near a pipe on the left. This pipe will return you to the portal.

The bros explain that they found the mattress and that the Dozing Drops petrified into the mattress in the dream world. Now, there’s only one more piece of the Ultibed to find. Before we move on, there are two more Pi’illos to save here. From the Dreampoint at the top of the sand flow, go south three times, then east. The pillow is to the east. From there, go west twice, then south. The pillow is to the southwest. Check in with Eldream, as we now have 38 Pi’illos. He gives the bros POW Gloves DX. His next gift is for when the bros save 52 Pi’illos.

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