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Mario and Luigi: Dream Team -- Part 22: Master Quest

The buildings have assembled into a robot that chases Luigi throughout Dreamy Wakeport. Dreambert notices the sea in the background, saying Luigi should drive it into the sea, then attack it, much like Bowser's battle with the Tower of Yikk. Luigi notices he's not too far from the sea, either. Dreambert says to focus. An Excellent Hammer Uppercut will send it into the water. Dreambert says to hit it repeatedly while it's in the water. When it emerges, slide the stylus down quickly and repeatedly to damage it. When it rises out of the water, slide the stylus sideways to hit it away. It will rise out of the water and fly back on land. The robot will put on some armor. Dreambert mentions breaking it. An Excellent Jump will break it. The robot will temporarily split up and the pieces will circle the core with the nightmare chunk. Knock away the pieces with the hammer. The remaining pieces will hit Luigi. If you hit away all the pieces, you can hit the core. The robot will assemble buildings into a ball. Slide up to jump on it, then tilt the 3DS to attack. Hitting the robot with an Excellent Hammer Cut now will not send it into the water. Use two to send it into the water.

When its health is below half, it will say, "EARTH-A-WAKE!" and get full-body armor. Dreambert says it will take too long to break it off piece by piece, but another attack could destroy it at once. Drill Spin works nicely. It will say, "BAD-DAMAGE! DAMAGE-BAD! BAD-STACHES! MUST DEFEAT!" A wall of buildings will appear in front of Luigi. Use Hammer Chop on them. It will throw the remaining buildings at Luigi and use some to heal. Jump or duck to dodge. It will form a hammer and attack. Duck or hit it back. Other times, you'll have to hit the hammer back from the side or above. Finish it off with Finishing Bros. This is a difficult battle.

Defeating the robot will free the nightmare chunk. Bedsmith is delighted to be free. He's also still ready to fight Antasma. He's happy to see Dreambert, in his own special way. Dreambert explains the situation and says he needs his help. Bedsmith thinks that Dreambert means to destroy Antasma with raw artistic beauty. Dreambert clarifies that he wants Bedsmith to construct the Ultibed. With all the parts, Bedsmith will construct the Ultibed in his shop in Somnom Woods. After everyone leaves, Pi'illoper has no idea what happened, but is super excited to have been a part of it.

Dreambert says Somnom Woods is east of Mushrise Park. Warp to Mushrise Park's entrance, then go due east. Send Mini Mario to hit the switch to lower the drawbridge, then go east. Bounce up the walls, then go east. Somnom Woods is darker and quieter than Mushrise Park. You'll find Bedsmith here. He starts to open up access to his shop, but the switch he needs is too high. Step on the platforms and Side Drill into the screw to make the tree trunk move aside, revealing the path ahead and some enemies. Follow Bedsmith.

There are new enemies here called Beehosses. Don't jump on them. They'll spew out bees that will fly at or over the bros. Jump over them to dodge. Do not counter. Fire does critical damage. Go northeast. Bedsmith's shop is here. The bros hand over the parts and Bedsmith takes them into the shop and closes the door, saying he must work in absolute privacy. On the outside, the bros watch Bedsmith's silhouette, which alternates between working and dancing. When he's done, he says it was a success and hands over the Ultibed. Dreambert says they should go to the dream world to find the Zeekeeper. Bedsmith says that cannot be done here. They must find a place within the woods where dream power swells. Dreambert suggests the Pi'illo Temple, somewhere in the woods. Bedsmith says there are many traps guarding the temple and that he's rooting for the bros. Go east.

There are Boomerang Bros and Lakitus here. The Lakitus will signal with flags which bro to hit with a boomerang. Counter with the hammer. There's electrified purple water ahead. Jump from platform to platform to stay out of it. Feel free to Spin Jump over it. You'll need it to reach farther platforms. Break the rock at the top of some ruins to find a pillow. In the dream world, there's a new enemy called the Spritzbloom. It'll hop around Mario, then blow poison gas at him. Hit it with the hammer when it's right in front of Mario to counter and have it blow poison in the other direction. Pelicrumps are also in the dream world. They'll fly overhead, some with eggs. Hit the egg out of their talons. They'll also throw bombs at Mario, but may hold onto them too long. In the real world, hit the ! Block to lower a gate, then go east.

A purple creature in the next area tunnels underground and leaves to the east. There's the sound of rushing air periodically. Walk to the north and you'll find a fan, which is making the noise. Spin Jump into the air current to reach new areas. Side Drill through the tunnel of thorns and get an Attack Piece nearby. Break the rocks and go southeast. Side Drill through the thorns, then Spin Jump to reach another Attack Piece. To the south is a camera block. Go north through the path on the right.

Ahead is a pillow. Dreambert says it's a Pi'illo Master. The bros need to save the Pi'illo Master to enter the temple. Walk onto the ruins in the water, then Spin Jump east. Side Drill the rocks, then walk to the east side. Walk to the north side and Spin Jump twice to the west for an Attack Piece. Stand in front of the fan to reach the pillow. On the south side of the area is a pillow under a rock.

In the dream world, walk all the way to the left to find another Luiginary Work. It's a propeller. Spin Luigi's nose to activate the propeller. Have Mario approach a wall and he'll stick to it. Mario can now climb walls. Touch Luigi's nose to stop the propeller. Also use the wind to cross larger gaps with jumps. Use these techniques to reach the nightmare chunks. Once the Pi'illo Master has been saved, he gives the bros a Somnom Stone. He says there are other Pi'illo Masters to save. Go west from the top of the ruins.

Hit the ! Block to lower the gates. There’s a pillow near the south exit. In the real world, Bandits with Golden Eggs may appear in the background. Use a Taunt Ball to bring the gold egg onto the battlefield. It will give you a some money. Side Drill into a screw to open the path ahead. There’s an Attack Piece to the right. At the top of the ruins, something stirs in the plants growing there. Three purple creatures appear, asking who the bros are. Mario says they want to go deeper into the woods. Starlow says they're on a mission and they think the bros are there to steal the treasure, called Nom Pi'illo. They disappear, saying the bros will never have Nom Pi'illo. Dreambert says they are Nommons, creatures that have lived in the woods for ages. He doesn't know what they mean by "Nom Pi'illo". He says to move on. Step onto the panel in the back, which acts as an elevator.

To the left is a warp pipe to activate. There is a pillow to the right. This one is another Pi'illo Master. The bros get another Somnom Stone. They are the keys to the temple, and the bros will need lots of them. Ahead is a talking stone tablet. It says they must insert Somnom Stones to create paths that will let them into the temple ahead. Use the two Somnom Stones to reach paths to the left and right, one at a time. Once you've placed the stones, stand on the platform and it will move along the newly created track. To the first left are enemies called Eyepi'illos. They'll approach and fire lasers or hover over the bros' heads in circles. Counter both attacks with hammers. Nom Pi'illo is here, a Pi'illo Master petrified into a pillow. Use the tubes on the west side to reach the pillow. Take the Somnom Stone and get the Attack Piece in the northwestern corner. Return to the tablet and create a new path.

The first path on the right leads to more than one area. In the second area, there are two Nommons blocking the way. Dreambert appears and they call him "Nom Pi'illo". The Nommons call pillows and Pi'illos "Nom Pi'illo". They have a pillow with them. Dreambert asks for the pillow, which they will give him, but only after the bros play with them. The bros will have to jump through rings. Each time they land on a square, the number will count down from a predetermined number. They must go through all rings before the number reaches zero. The slates they'll stand on will break after two jumps. The bros also can't stomp on any Nommon on the field. The bros will have to clear three of these challenges. Once you beat the challenges, the Nommon will hand over the pillow and an Attack Piece. In the dream world, I found the Gold Beanie and finally defeated it. Luiginary Wall works well. You get a lot of coins, some gear and 4800 experience points. Push the crates while the fan is blowing so you can reach the nightmare chunks. The Pi'illo Master says the Zeekeeper once lived in these woods.

There's a gate puzzle to the second left. You'll have to move the diamond piece into place through the area that the X piece is in, then move the circle last. There are Skipdrill Rs in the dream world. It's difficult to see where things are in the dream world due to the thick trees. There's a giant Tornado Work to clear things out. This Pi'illo Master says Antasma was just a bat living on the island, but he somehow consumed a Pi'illo's nightmare and developed a taste for dark dreams. The bad dreams he ate transformed him. In the real world, Pi'illodactyl Rs may appear in the background. Slingsniper does critical damage. The third path on the left leads to an Attack Piece and a pillow that a Nommon keeps moving. Spin Jump against the fans to reach the Attack Piece. Stand on the nearby log to reach the ledge to the southwest exit. The pillow is there. This Pi'illo Master says all the other Pi'illo Masters have been saved. Go west into the cave for an Attack Piece. There's another Attack Piece to the third right. Have Mini Mario get it.

There are more Nommon here. They still say the bros won't get Nom Pi'illo. They treat the pillows like toys. They aren't Pi'illo Masters, but the bros will save them nonetheless. Starlow plays hardball, saying the bros won't play with the Nommon if they don't give them the pillows. They agree and it's the same game as before, but the challenges are much harder. Once you complete the challenges, they'll place the pillows on logs. You can play the game any time now.

Now that you have all the pieces, go to the temple. Here, you'll find the last Attack Piece, unlocking Jet-Board Bash, initiated by Mario. Press and hold (B) to paddle, then press (A) just before attacking the enemy. Hit the nearby switch to make all available tracks appear. Go north into the area in front of the temple.

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