Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team -- Part 8: Sidequest Resort

Now that we know where Bowser and Antasma took the Dream Stone, we can follow them to Mount Pajamaja. Head west to where the path forks to Dozing Sands and Driftwood Shore. Someone will announce that they're taking applications for the Mount Pajamaja tour. The bros can visit the Shelltop making the announcement in Wakeport to register. They will take climbers of all skill levels, but only registered climbers are allowed on the mountain. Dreambert says Wakeport is to the west of Mushrise Park. While in Mushrise Park, talk to Eldream about the rescued Pi'illos. So far, we've saved 13. For saving seven Pi'illos, we get the Birthday Hammer and for saving 12, we get POW Gloves. If you past Mushrise Park and head north, you'll see the bridge to Pi'illo Castle has been rebuilt.

When you're ready to go to Wakeport, head west of Mushrise Park. There are stronger enemies called Hermite Crabs that hide under nuts. They'll throw out a decoy nut to confuse the bros. Memorize where they are and be aware that they move around. Go west twice, then go south.

The bros will find themselves in Wakeport, the best resort on the island. There are Attack Pieces here. One of them is in the northeast corner. Walk over to the pink Zeekeeper to the right of the fountains and talk to him to get one. One of the Toads in the middle hotel says that guests and staff here may carry Attack Pieces. There's one in this hotel. Jump from the beds, then reach the windowsill. If you go into the left hotel, climb the stairs, go outside to the left, and walk on the buildings going west, you'll reach another Attack Piece. Walk back east for more items and another Attack Piece. To the south are more Attack Pieces and some shops.

Go into the badge shop. The bros are the first two customers to come in for the badge awareness campaign. He explains that Luigi's badges control what effects will be granted and Mario's badges control how powerful those effects will be. Each bro can only hold six badges. In the southeast corner of the shopping district are a pillow and an Attack Piece you can't reach yet. In front of the badge shop, to the right of an orange Zeekeeper is a resident of Hoohoo Village. He wants to propose to his girlfriend and will give the bros lots of items in return for their help, including gear and an Attack Piece. Agree to help him and you'll get the Attack Piece and a plush Zeekeeper. Inside the gear shop, talk to the Beanbean resident in the dressing room. Tell them their outfit looks great three times, then say they look equally as gorgeous as Peach for a Super Candy. In the item shop, talk to the blue Shelltop, who wants a plush Zeekeeper. Trade it for a rare fruit. A red Yoshi in the hotel district is looking for rare fruit. He'll trade a Yoshi egg for the rare fruit. Go west to where the tour center is.

Somebody in the area is disappointed that there's no treasure here. Out of the nearby buildings comes Popple, the shadow thief. He doesn't recognize the bros, but remembers dealing with people like them. He's trying to make a fresh start of thievery on this island. He leaves and Starlow suggests finding the tour center. On the way, you'll find a Toad who wants to see a Yoshi egg. Give him the egg to receive Peach's photo. Go on top of the tour center for an Attack Piece. Go north of the tour center to find a Brock who's a huge fan of Peach. Give the Brock Peach's photo and he'll give the bos a super rare guide booklet only available to researchers, called the Book of Ruins. The Beanbean resident wearing red in the gear shop wants this. In exchange, he gives them Queen Bean's photo. Take it to the Beanbean resident hiding under the stairs in the left hotel. He gives the bros a lost camera. Go up the stairs and go outside onto the awning. Talk to the Toad, who's looking for his camera. He tells the bros that between the left fountain and the parasol, on the light-green grass, a bird buried something. The bros can have whatever it is. Dig in the lightest patch of grass to get the Pi'illo ring. Give that to the Hoohoo Villager and he proposes as a crowd gathers. She says yes. The bros get a 1-up Mushroom, a Heart Bean DX, Rally Wear, and a Sap Hammer.

Go west of the shopping district and enter the only building in the area. You'll hear a familiar "YOIKS" and Kylie Koopa will walk in. She's older than when you last saw her, which is when the bros were still babies. Instead of being an ace reporter, she's now an ace guidebook writer for the island. She doesn't recall meeting them while being a reporter as she's had many jobs. She asks them to be her assistants and she'll pay them. The first assignment is called Shot Collection. She's stationed camera blocks all over that take and save pictures. Hit the block to get the photograph. The photograph's encrypted, so the bros have to decrypt it. This involves putting the pieces together like a puzzle. Move the pieces until they lock into place. The button at the bottom of the frame will rotate the piece. Completing the puzzle will unlock new levels. Completing the puzzle within the target time, Kylie will give the bros coins and prizes. The first photo is of Starlow and a Mushroom over Mario's head. Wakeport Level 1's target time is 3 minutes. It's a simple 12-piece puzzle. I completed it in 1 minute, 10 seconds. Kylie gives the bros 100 coins. This unlocks Wakeport Level 2. Complete the puzzles at your leisure. The puzzles have greater target times with more pieces that are smaller. As you go, the picture will zoom out. There are three levels to the Wakeport shot. Kylie wants the bros to grab photos from camera blocks all over the island. Return to Wakeport to put the photos together. Go upstairs for an Attack Piece.

Go to the tour center. The bros ask to be registered for the Mount Pajamaja tour, and the clerk says it's a challenging climb. The bros show off, but Luigi still hasn't mastered catching his hammer after he throws it... the first time. The clerk's impressed, so he'll let the bros go on a core-focused tour, called Massif Vert: A Big, Bad, Brutal Mountain Tour. The tour group is meeting in the south part of town in front of the clock tower. Go south and you'll find the tour group. The tour guide is the younger Massif Bro, named Li'l Massif. He tells the tourists that climbing Mount Pajamaja is difficult. All other tourists disappear. Li'l Massif is surprised the bros stuck around. The tour gets delayed because Li'l Massif can't find his older brother, Big Massif. The tour changes to Big Massif Hunt: Extreme Beefing Wakeport Tour. The bros must find Big Massif before the Mount Pajamaja tour starts. The bros can go south from here.

This part of town holds the event stage. They're currently holding a Mad Skillathon. Go east to see the stage, then south to find some rocks on the right. Break the rocks to reach an Attack Piece. To the left is a rock covering a pillow. In the dream world, there are enemies called Cocoknights. They will rush towards Mario in a circle, surround him, then run around. Move with the circle to avoid being hurt and jump over them when the circle approaches or leaves. After saving the Pi'illo, you can talk to the Shelltop with sunglasses onstage about the Mad Skillathon. Participants show off their skills for money. He thinks the bros are comedians. He asks if they have any combo skills. Bros. Attacks will work. Use Bros. Attacks in an endless mode to see how long you can keep the combo going.

Go to the east side to find some ruins and more enemies. At level 16, the bros will rank up to Flower Rank. You can choose another bonus, but there are more bonuses to choose from. At the entrance, someone whispers to the bros. It's a Brock hiding behind the ruins. He does research on the ruins, but the monsters scared him off. As thanks, he explains some of his research. The gate to the north was designed by the Pi'illos. The key to opening the gate is in the panels in front of it. He found the words, "The Awakening Gate opens when matched symbols unite..." written on a wall. The panels have symbols that match the symbols on the ground. The Brock can't lift them, but Mario can tunnel under them and flip them into place. The gate opens when the symbols are matched. Go north.

You'll wind up in the shopping district on the island you couldn't reach. Send Mini Mario to the left to hit a switch, lowering the bridges. This will allow you to reach another Attack Piece and a pillow. In the dream world, you'll find Ticksquawks. They'll fly around in circles, then explode. Hit them with a hammer before they can explode. They'll also send out birds after their clock hand makes a full revolution. Save the Pi'illo, then walk up on the awning, then on the buildings. Have Mini Mario get the last Attack Piece. This unlocks the Bros. Attack Bye-Bye Cannon, which can be initiated by Mario. The bros will load themselves into the cannon, then multiple copies of themselves will be launched. Memorize the order of the launch, then hit each bros' button as they land on the first enemy, then hit the button of the bros as they hit the second enemy while stacked up in reverse order. Go west while still on top of the buildings to go to the other side of the ruin wall. Hit the switch to lower the wall. There's another gate and a set of panels to open it. Open the gate and save.

You'll see Big Massif lying on the ground. The bros and Starlow try to wake him up, but fail. The place sparkles like a Dreampoint. Dreambert says that Big Massif could sleep here forever, due to the Dreampoint's dream aura holding the person in the dream. Big Massif seems to be choosing to remain asleep. The bros will have to wake him up in his dream by finding him in the dream world and convincing him to wake up. This is possible if Luigi sleeps nearby, allowing him to share the dream. Luigi falls asleep and Mario jumps through the portal.