Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team -- Part 9: Legendary Beef Training

The bros have entered Big Massif's dream to find him so he'll wake up. Go through the green pipe. To the right is the tour center with the Shelltop clerk. They have tours going on in the dream world. One of the current tours is the Mushroom Deep Dive. This makes Luigi excited, but it's not what the bros are looking for right now. The clerk says they can arrange any type of tour. Mario says they want to find Big Massif in the dream world. The clerk says they don't have a tour for that. He gets a phone call regarding Big Massif, the bros, and a beef-off battle. Big Massif is the one who called, saying he wants to spar with the bros. If the bros win the "Beef-Off", Big Massif will meet them. Heal and save, then talk to the clerk to call Big Massif.

Big Massif sends out his disciples first. They are Heavy Zest, Sorrow Fist, Thunder Sass, and Beef Cloud, the Hooraws! They must be fought for Hooraw Medals so they can spar with Big Massif. But first, the bros have to find them. The path to the left opens up. Go left. The Hooraws hide in pipes that are blocked off. Towards the top is an item shop. Go right twice to find a new Luiginary Work. It looks like a clock. On Luigi's face are the symbols for play, fast forward, and slow motion. These alter Mario's movement speed. Moving slowly makes jumping over spikes easier as Mario becomes more floaty and jumps higher. Go through the pipe on the left to reach an orange ! Block that opens up a gate over some of the pipes in the area with the shop. From the shop, go left.

Form the tower and hit the green switch on the left. Coins will appear and a timer will count down. Collect as many as you can. Go left on the higher level for some gear, then go left on the lower level. Form the tower past the spikes and Spring Jump up. Go through the pipe on the right to reach another orange ! Block that opens access to the other pipes. From here, heal and save, and select a pipe.

The orange pipe leads to another Clock Work. Go through the green pipe to reach a red block. This makes 8 Red Coins appear. Collect them all to make a ! Block appear, which removes some barriers. Drop down to find another Red Coin block. Drop down again to find Li'l Massif. He says he's doing high-altitude training for his heart. He wanted to drop down, but is too scared, and wouldn't do it unless he was more floaty. Hit the Red Coin block, slow Mario down, then drop down and collect the Red Coins while falling. The orange ! Block will make the path on the left open up. There are enemies here. There's an orange ! Block in the upper right corner that lets you reach an item block with Super Candy. Go left. Slow Mario down to jump over the moving spikes. Go left, ignoring the pipe. Here, you'll find Heavy Zest. The clerk arrives to referee. Mario will only have three attack turns to beat Heavy Zest and all secondary foes. Heal and save, then talk to the clerk to start the battle.

Hooraws will surround Heavy Zest. A Hermite Crab will throw a nut at Mario. Move around to dodge so the nut hits the Hooraws. Heavy Zest will try to punch you. Jump to counter. Use Luiginary Attacks, which you can now execute in Slow Mode, making it easier to gather Luiginoids. If you fail to beat all enemies in the given three turns, the clerk will fully heal everyone and the battle will continue. You may need to use both the Luiginary Ball and the Luiginary Stack to defeat him and the Hooraws. Victory gives the bros a Hooraw Medal. The clerk opens up access to the orange pipe. This will take you to an area which shows you which of the disciples you still need to defeat. Take the green pipe back to the shop area.

The yellow pipe leads to a Clock Work as well. Speed Mario up and go left at the bottom of the area. Hit the orange ! Block to make another appear. Mario has 8 seconds to reach it. This opens the path to the left. Hit the orange ! Block to make another appear. This time, you have 24 seconds to hit the other one, as you'll have to slow down Mario to jump over the spikes. To the left is Thunder Sass. The challenge here is to win while only using counters, so no attacking. Only healing items are allowed and badge effects are banned. Save, then attempt the battle. Don't bother with healing.

Mario's health is reduced at the start of the battle. The Hooraws will toss Thunder Sass in the air, then at Mario. Counter with the hammer. He'll also try to punch Mario. Counter with a jump. To skip using an item during your turn, press [R]. It takes around six or so counters to defeat him. The Hooraws will run away when he is defeated. The bros get another Hooraw Medal. The yellow pipe opens up and will take the bros to the green pipe to the shop.

The white pipe leads to Li'l Massif, who's doing sit-ups. He's strengthening his abs so they can bounce back things that fall from above. He says that if they hit the blue switch to the left, a bomb will fall from the sky. He hasn't tried it yet, but he did pile up some blocks to the right. If a bomb hits them, they will be destroyed. To do so, tilt back, then lift quickly. Form the tower and hit the switch. When the bomb approaches, regain balance to hit it into the walls. Hit the bomb when it's about halfway down the tower to hit the lower blocks. Do this repeatedly to destroy the wall. Go right to find Beef Cloud. There are no special conditions for this battle. Heal and save, then start the battle.

Beef Cloud regains health while he sleeps. You must attack before he recovers the damage you've dealt. He'll continuously heal, so execute your attacks quickly. Luiginary Attacks will slow you down. Sometimes, he won't be able to sleep, so deal some extra damage before he can start healing again. He doesn't attack. Keep attacking, regardless of whether the tour center clerk appears. Once you defeat him, take the Hooraw Medal and go through the white pipe, then return to the shop area.

Through the blue pipe, you'll find enemies. Below the rocks to the left are Ticksquawks. You can drop down to battle them or knock them away with the tower. Go right. Duck and push the block into the corner, then Spring Jump up. In that area, go right, down, then left. Collapse the tower to reach the orange ! Block to open the path to the right. Deal with the enemies and go right again. Sorrow Fist is here. The condition is to win with only Excellent hits. All non-Excellent hits will fully heal Sorrow Fist, unless they result in an Excellent attack. Heal and save, then battle.

For this battle, use the attacks you're most comfortable with. Sorrow Fist will try to punch Mario. Counter with a jump. He'll also punch a seashell at Mario. Counter with a hammer. Once you defeat him, collect the Hooraw Medal, then go through the blue pipe, then the green pipe. Big Massif will meet the bros at the tour center. Heal and save, then go to the tour center.

Big Massif does not arrive when summoned. The tour center clerk starts laughing. Dreambert asks what's so funny and the tour center clerk reveals himself to be Big Massif. He found the whole disguise thing hilarious. Dreambert asks him to wake up so the bros can climb Mount Pajamaja. Big Massif says he's staying to battle strong enemies to pump up his muscles and mind. Dreambert says the bros will battle him, which is what Big Massif wanted. With the help of the Hooraws, he displays his physical prowess. The Hooraws throw a larger rock, which pounds him into the ground. He appears on the other side of the bros. He's now ready to battle.

Big Massif will throw a column at Mario. Counter with the hammer. He'll also charge Mario, while a Hermite Crab runs behind him. Jump to dodge or just move out of the way. Be careful if you defeat all the surrounding Hooraws as he'll get angry and charge up. He'll also charge up if there aren't as many Hooraws around as he would like. The Hooraws will also pass him around, the throw him at Mario. Use the hammer to counter. Use Luiginary Attacks. When he gets low on health, the Hooraws will form a tower and he'll chase Mario. Dodge the jump attacks, then jump over the shockwaves, which move faster as the attack continues. Keep yourself healed at all times. This is a tough fight. Once you defeat Big Massif, the Hooraws are impressed. Big Massif will return to the real world. He wants a rematch someday. The bros return to the real world.

Big Massif wakes up, saying his loss to the bros was only a nightmare. He's surprised to see the bros in the real world. He turns to stone at the thought of oversleeping. To make amends, the bros will get a rare tour called the Ultrabeef Ascent. The tour starts when the bros go to Mount Pajamaja.


  1. Thank you sooo much! Gamefaqs didn't have a FAQ for this and it was driving me nuts! I kept trying luiginary attacks on Beef Cloud but they weren't working and Heavy Zest was kicking my ass too. Thank yoooou!