Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team -- Part 23: The Keeper of Zzzs

The bros have all of the Somnom Stones, allowing them to enter Pi'illo Temple. Go north twice from the tracks. Take the elevator to the temple's entrance. Past the Save Block is the temple. Heal and save. The area has a strong dream aura. Dreambert says this temple is their gateway to the Zeekeeper. There is something in the center of the temple that is preventing them from placing the bed. Hit it with the hammer and the temple will shake. The statue in the back crumbles, revealing Pi'illodium, a defense weapon created during the Pi'illo Kingdom era. It attacks.

Pi'illodium scans the bros, predicting a 120% chance of victory. It will send out many smaller Pi'illodium weapons into the background. It will shoot lasers at the bros, signaling which bro with pink rings on the ground. Jump to dodge. Pi'illodium will turn into a hammer, then count down until when it will attack. Counter with a hammer. It will also go into the background and volley the smaller weapons at the bros. Volley back with the hammer repeatedly. The remaining weapons will heal Pi'illodium. Pi'illodium will chase the bros, firing off weapons at the bros. Jump to dodge. Use Bros. Attacks on the wings. Once the wings are broken, it will fall to the ground, saying its chances of victory are slim. Its attack and defense are lower. Aim Slingsniper at its center to do critical damage throughout the fight. This is a difficult fight.

After the battle, Pi'illodium explodes and they set up the Ultibed. In the dream world, Bedsmith appears and floats away without noticing the bros. To the right, Bedsmith tells them there are in the inner reaches of Dreamy Somnom Wood, the most sacred area of the most sacred of dream worlds. Only those who sleep on the Ultibed can reach this place. The Zeekeeper is at the top of the tree. The tree is so tall, Bedsmith doesn't know how tall it is. He says it is easy to get lost and what looks like a dead end may not be an end and that there are many hidden paths.

Return to the left, go through the trees, and you'll see a pipe. It will take you to an area with a sign saying, "Look back and the path is lost." This means continue forward without turning back. The sign above it says, "Coins lead ever forward. Monsters point treasureward." Go to the right if you hear a buzzer for an item and a pipe returning you to the area with the signs. Follow the coins to more forward. Follow the monsters to reach treasure. The coin route will take you to an area to the right of the tree, which has an Attack Piece to the far right. Go left to reach the right side of the tree. Go through the pipe. Hit the orange ! Block to create a shortcut to the left side. This makes Bedsmith happy in his own special way, but he says he's joking and it's just a Pi'illo expression. Go to the right.

There are two Attack Pieces here we can't reach just yet. Go through the pipe on the right, then through the pipe on the left for an Attack Piece. Go through the pipe on the left from there, then drop down on the right pipe below. Go through it. This will take you to another part of the lower area to the right of the tree. Go right. There are Propeller Works here. Activate the Works, then push the crates to reach the ! Block. This will create platforms leading to the exit to the upper right. This leads to an area with a Red Coin Block. Activate the propellers, then hit the block. Ride the rising air currents to reach the Red Coins. Hit the ! Block that appears to make a platform appear. This allows you to reach an Attack Piece. Go left.

Use the tower and cone to reach items and coins. Use the Ball Hammer and ground pound to break the crates. Go to the lower left for an item and the lower right for an Attack Piece. Return, then go through the pipe on the bottom. Use the Tornado Work to clear away the leaves so you can see. There is an Attack Piece here. Hit the ! Block near the top so you can go farther to the left. Go left and through the pipe to reach another Attack Piece. Walk to the left to return to the tree. Hit the ! Block to make another shortcut. Go through the pipe in the tree, then go left. Use the Hookshot to reach the middle exit on the left. This leads to an Attack Piece.

There's a branch Work here. Use it to reach the exit on the left that's the second from the battle to reach an Attack Piece. Return and climb to the top for an Attack Piece and a ! Block that gives access to the pipe in the lower right corner. Take the pipe to an area with an Attack Piece. You can reach it by walking on the top ledge. This will unlock the Luiginary Attack Luiginary Typhoon. Press (B) to wind up and (A) to whip up the rope of Luiginoids to whip up a typhoon, then steer it with the Circle Pad into the enemies. Repeatedly press (B) to do extra damage. Go through the pipe on the left, then walk to the right and break the rock. Activate the propellers and climb up the walls. This will take you to a pipe on the right side.

There are clouds Mario can ride after activating the propellers. Grab coins as you cross the gap. If you fall, you'll land in the area just below. Go left to reach the pipe to this area again. On the other side of the gap is a pipe that will take you to the tree again. Go through the tree's pipe to reach Bedsmith. He says the bros are near the top of the tree, but must not let their guard down. He asks Dreambert for a reward for constructing the Ultibed. Dreambert freaks out and runs away. Hit the ! Block to lower the gate. Heal and save.

Activate the propellers to go to the upper left, walking on the trees. There's a rainbow-colored egg in the center. Hit it with the hammer. Light spills forth from it. Breaking the egg reveals the Zeekeeper in his colorful glory. He asks who disturbs his rest. He protects the Pi'illo Kingdom and will get rid of those who stand in his way. Dreambert tries to explain, but is blown away. Luigi starts cowering again. Touch the "L" and Luiginoids start swarming to protect the bros. The Zeekeeper finds this irritating. He tries to blow the Luiginoids away with his wings. The Luiginoids join forces to form giant Dreamy Luigi. The Zeekeeper chases Mario around, saying he is brave and nimble, but should give up. Just then, Dreamy Luigi drops down on his head.

The Zeekeeper accepts Luigi's challenge and flies off. Dreambert says to chase it. While chasing it, Luigi must duck or jump to dodge when the Zeekeeper swoops around. Dreambert says to grab the Zeekeeper and hold on. The Zeekeeper will drag Luigi, so slide down repeatedly to drag it down. Luigi will let go of a leg, so tap it when it's in range to grab again. After a while, Luigi will slam it into the ground. It will be dizzy, so attack now. You can do two attacks before it will take flight again, saying it underestimated Luigi. It also says it has yet to reveal its true strength. It will fly off and as Luigi chases it, it will cross dimensions. It will shoot energy beams at Luigi. Cross to the other side by tilting the 3DS to dodge. It will charge up for another attack that Luigi must dodge, then counter by ramming. The tilting can take a little while to get used to. After a couple of rounds of this, the dimension traveling will stop and they'll return to Dreamy Somnom Woods. It will summon an energy ball, and Luigi will throw tree stumps at it. Tap the energy ball to hit it, then do the same for the Zeekeeper. It will keep flying and toss bombs at Luigi. Touch the circles to hammer back the bombs. It will cross dimensions again, then will dive-bomb Luigi in Dreamy Somnom Woods. Some of its maneuvers will be more complex. Get his health low enough and use Finishing Bros.

The Zeekeeper says the bros fought well. He asks if things are going badly in the real world. Dreambert appears, which makes him change his tone completely. Dreambert says this is how the Zeekeeper really is. Mario explains what happened and the Zeekeeper is not thrilled that Antasma's up to no good again. He also says Bowser sounds like a nut job. Dreambert asks for his help, but he refuses, saying he's retired, old, and tired. He might be persuaded with a certain something. Dreambert thinks he means coins. He says if the bros can return to normal, Mario will give the Zeekeeper every coin he has. Since my current total is over 60,000, that's a pretty substantial amount. Mario silently disagrees. The Zeekeeper's considering it, but goes over the expenses: labor costs for dealing with a flying castle that needs a barrier smashed, a travel budget, hotel bill, complimentary robe, high-end meal, in-flight snacks, stipend for massages and leisure, and insurance. When he's done itemizing things out, it will cost approximately 80,000,000- that's 80 million- coins. Dreambert says this will be a piece of cake. I hope for his sake that Dreambert has a considerable amount of wealth in treasure stashed somewhere. Mario agrees to the price. The Zeekeeper's ready to imprison Antasma again and restore peace to Pi'illo Island. The Zeekeeper says to hop on his back and he'll waive the fee for the ride.

The Zeekeeper flies out of the portal. Starlow was picturing a more humble guardian. The Zeekeeper says he smells the foul stink of evil over the island. Dreambert asks him to blast the barrier, which the Zeekeeper says will take two seconds. He's going to check out the castle first. He'll wait for the bros at the woods' entrance.

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