Thursday, July 28, 2011

Snowman's Land - Into the Igloo

I decided to get 100 Coins in this mission. I got many coins from Spindrifts and Moneybags, creatures that have lots of coins and disguise themselves as coins. Runnning around small snowmen, as you would Mr. I, will defeat them and get you some coins. We get the Shiny Shell and go up the slope on the snowman marked with coins. At the top of the slope is a tiny igloo. Crouch, then move to crawl, so you can crawl into the igloo. The Hazy Maze Cave music plays. The igloo is very spacious inside. It's a maze of ice walls, some of which contain coins. I found the Bob-omb Buddy so he could open the cannon. You can see a Vanish Cap block that you can't just seem to reach. Near the front of the igloo, you can slide between an ice wall and the igloo wall. I then backflipped over an ice wall to reach the Vanish Cap. With it, we can walk through ice walls. I got several coins from the walls, totaling 101.
Star Get #81, 101 Coins, 6 Lives
The Star is in the front ice wall. While the Vanish Cap is still in effect, run to the front wall and jump into the ice to get the Star.
Star Get #82, 105 Coins, 8 Lives

Nintendo DS
We need to be Luigi for this mission. I decided to get 100 Coins in this mission as well. I got over 40 coins before dying in the water after losing the Shiny Shell.
Take 2- I successfully made it up to the igloo with 50 Coins. We crawl into the igloo, moving while crouching. The Hazy Maze Cave music plays, but the layout is much different from the N64 version. There are pools of cold water that can drain your health. We talk to the Bob-omb Buddy so he'll open the cannon. There are several coins underwater. The Red Coins are also in the igloo. There are many Spindrifts that will provide you with coins. The Star appeared in the water and fully restored my health.
Star Get #101, 100 Coins, 3 Lives
As Luigi, get the Power Flower in the back left corner. Run quickly to the front of the igloo, where the floor is a grate. Drop through the grate to get the Star.
Star Get #102, 103 Coins, 6 Lives
The next Star is Red Coins in the House.

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