Friday, July 29, 2011

Wet-Dry World - (5) Secrets in the Shallows and Sky

It's time to find more secrets! This time, we aren't looking for particular coins. Moving certain objects will make the numbers appear. I also decided to get 100 Coins in this mission. I got the coins from item blocks, a Blue Coin Switch, water striders, brick blocks, and the purple enemy at the top of the level. (Pick him up and throw him for the coins.) I decided to work from the bottom of the course to the top, so I drained all the water using the diamond under the long ramp. Behind the tall platform where we found the Shocking Arrow Lifts! Star is a crate that we need to push to find the first secret. We need to push the crate so we can open the item block for the second secret. On the same level as the Blue Coin Switch, there is another crate in a hole in the wall. Pushing that crate deeper into the wall reveals the third secret. On the same level is a switch that makes stairs to the top of the cage. Above the cage is an item block with the 4th secret. The 5th secret is in the item block above the circular platform the Amp is circling. The platform is surrounded by coins. At this point, we have over 100 coins.
Star Get #85, 104 Coins, 4 Lives
The Star appears over the bridge.
Star Get #86, 104 Coins, 6 Lives

Nintendo DS
The secrets are in the same locations as in the N64 version. I got 100 coins in this mission as in the N64, but not using the coins from the purple enemy. On the top level where the purple enemy is, the Bob-omb Buddy that opens the cannon stands. We opened the cannon, as we will need it in future missions. As I got the 5th secret, I got 100 Coins.
Star Get #106, 100 Coins, 4 Lives
The Star appears on the bridge.
Star Get #107, 100 Coins, 6 Lives
The 5 in the parentheses in the title is because the number is included in the Nintendo DS mission title, but not in the N64 mission title.
The next Star is Express Elevator -- Hurry Up!

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