Monday, March 2, 2015

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker -- Episode 2-14. Midnight in the Wandering Woods

Toadette is in a dark forest with Stumpers. Use the alcove to pass the first set of Stumpers. Climb the ladder and cross using the Stumpers, to where the first gem is in between some fences. Walk up the nearby ramp and use the Stumpers passing the alcove to reach a lone plant. The plant contains a key. Pick up the key and toss it over the fence, then climb the ladder and get over the fence using the Stumpers. There's a ring of Peepas and two sets of tall Stumpers guarding a ladder. Nearby is a locked door. Go through it and you'll find Stumpers walking in purple water. Use them to cross the purple water to a purple pipe. The pipe leads to you to some moving plants, one of which has the second gem. Return and go up the ladder guarded by the Stumpers. Walk up the ramp to the right and cross both sets of Stumpers to the rocks on the left, where you'll find a hidden Gold Mushroom. There are three sets of Stumpers walking around the Star. Hide in the alcove, then get on the other side of them. Walk towards the Star while on the ground and you'll find the third gem under the Star. Walk up the ladder and cross the Stumpers to the Star.

Special Challenge: Find the hidden Gold Mushroom.

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